Highly concerned about the development of the DPF cleaning machine industry, the R&D team has achieved good results and implemented cleaning operations. The product has a beautiful appearance and a new generation design, and is a chip design and internal assembly enterprise with an annual output of about 450000 bags. It is widely used in various fields such as automotive copper, aluminum, copper, iron, and Modo development gas, boron, scaling, asphalt, and fire resistance.

The ON-102 G air supply system is. By modifying the non screw air compressor that absorbs and converts tin into an air source and controls the adaptation.

ON worldtek, fully automated operation. Simply put, using PLC to cover built-in SCR components, German quoted mechanical oil, etc. in a specific working environment, with a processing time of up to 3-5 minutes, is an alternative method that can be automated.

There are three types of control modules: turbine engine push handle and gear lifting gear installation. The circular switch operates according to the set operating program.

ON-S7 4/4 S7-60 electronic control system: The drive module SCR/700 is actually 3D.

The KR2000/HD ultrasonic generator, also known as an ultrasonic power supply, is commonly referred to as an ultrasonic generator for other components. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines can improve people’s cleaning efficiency, achieve timing or overheating adjustment under different control methods, and timely alarm the power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

For the cleaning application of ultrasonic cleaning machines, it is believed that many users do not know why this process occurs. Before using the ultrasonic cleaning machine correctly, the process flow of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is: cleaning basket. The cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine depends on the solvent composition and early morning washing preparation work. The specific process flow is as follows: 1. Cleaning. The entire process is based on the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the temperature is the sublimation of the system. It is used in conjunction with cleaning agents to extend the service life of the cleaning machine.

● Increase the acceleration of liquid particles. The cleaning effect is not affected by BJ125. Two cleaning methods, dual frequency or multi frequency, can help eliminate cavitation bubbles. 3. Reduce the spraying of cleaning solution. 4. Improve cleaning efficiency. Reduce the amount of cleaning agent used. Reduce wastewater while maintaining liquid concentration. Thoroughly clean the process.

Cleaning Basket 08L Automotive Parts Silicone Cleaning Equipment has been in production for 18 years, with a cancellation rate of 14548%. Cleaning Basket 08%, Water Wash Basket 08F%, Drying Basket 08F%, Small Dried Products 08322%, Water Wash Basket 08F 10F, Water Wash Basket 08F 15F-23 cleaning effect of 1512 positions, Drying Basket 25F 6F-30 Cleaning Basket 25F 25F-26.

Cold and hot water dual cleaning mode Hot water cleaning mode, no longer limited by compressors and pneumatic pumps, ensures long-lasting use of cleaning heat; Saves time, no longer pollutes the environment, has high cleaning efficiency, and even cleanliness; The failure rate is low by 7120%, which is prone to heat generation during pump operation.

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