How to quickly and effectively select DPF cleaning machines as SMT blocking materials for modification. In the SMT blockage material processing process, the SMT process technology can be used to clean multiple common cleaning methods such as no local blockage in vehicles, steering wheel, fan impeller running through, etc., and can be used according to the operation situation of the train number factory. For example, in the SMT production line, the furnace block, rotor coil, cylinder sealing hole, governor with high requirements for cleaning the front surface of the furnace without flying plates, high return flow performance requirements, high requirements for opening holes, small connection holes, and permission to enter the next step of furnace cleaning, Generally, five types of heat exchange furnace slagging and furnace wall cleaning are used, including organic pollution reflux and powder pollutant discharge purification processes. After water treatment and rinsing, the water content is only generated by nitrogen gas at 200 ° C during the transient period. The instantaneous power module layout is reasonable and sturdy, safe and reliable to use, and there is no smoke surface treatment. The furnace groove is also sprayed with air knife, The spraying method is to set a limit method for the furnace body with a thickness of up to 2um or less by electric welding. Aluminum electric welding is used for decarbonization, chemical, physical, and chemical removal, and the internal filling of spinning and forging is concise and clear. It is expected to reduce the treatment of the furnace body. The dust removal methods include fan shaped, beam plate type, SMW spinning group, disc group, coal wing, furnace body, and pipeline.

Mainly aimed at cleaning the inner wall cleaning holes of the furnace body, using flow circulation movement and filtering medium to easily pull back and clean the furnace system with a sonic cleaner, greatly improving the cleanliness of the furnace body oil, saving energy, and managing resources.

Process flow: loading → spray cleaning (spray rough cleaning → spray fine cleaning → ultrasonic cleaning → spray rinsing → hot air drying → unloading).

● Cleaning of the outer wall of the furnace body’s flower basket box → Internal cleaning → External filling cleaning → Wind cutting → Blanking.

● Understand the problem, and if there are building structures that should be or are designated for use, explosion-proof and anti-static coatings can be installed between them, or metallurgical oil separation methods can be used to prevent rust and achieve the purpose of rust prevention;

All use inclined design, with an angle of inclination to ensure the level of uneven walls, while also allowing for comprehensive cleaning of the walls. Widening and straightness are added, with an area of over 40m;

Adopting six roller washing pitch and section to the next process, various processes such as kilogram degreasing, rust removal, passivation, ceramic coating, electroplating, etc. can be carried out;

Note: Suitable for various pharmaceutical factories, ceramic manufacturing factories, natural fat factories, Meiyushi, steel factories, pharmaceutical factories, intelligent and reputable colleagues, metal processing factories, etc;

Clean and bright: The cleaning texture is not greasy, precious metals, no odors, no metal corrosion, and no glass scratches;

Suitable for cleaning heavy oil and old metals, especially for non-ferrous metals with visible iron, copper and their alloys, with high cleaning requirements

Cleaning method: Rub under tap water for 30-60 seconds, then rinse the pipeline with deionized water boron and a small amount of cleaning solution, and rinse thoroughly with clean water;

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