How should I know if have to clean the engine?

Car exhaust leaks put you and your passengers at risk. One of the by-products of engine combustion is the toxic gas carbon monoxide. The majority of carbon monoxide is burned off by the catalytic converters toward the front of your exhaust system while the rest is expelled safely into the atmosphere behind your rear bumper. A leak in the wrong place can let that carbon monoxide seep into the interior of your vehicle and potentially poison you and your passengers.

Burnt-Out Catalytic Converters

Mounted within the front section of your exhaust system, you may find one or more oval-shaped pipe components known as catalytic converters. The interior piping contains a honeycomb-style webbing that heats up immensely as exhaust gasses pass through it. The intense heat catalyzes carbon monoxide and other pollutants, converting the majority of them into cleaner, safer gasses before they are expelled into the atmosphere.

All of that heat slowly burns up the metallic honeycomb webbing over time. Eventually, the webbing becomes incapable of generating enough heat to burn off an ample amount of pollutants passing through.

Faulty Catalytic Converters Cause “Check Engine” Errors And Inefficiency

As your catalytic converters become faulty and ineffective, your car will become increasingly loud and smell of sulphur. That’s because an excess amount of exhaust gasses and pollutants are escaping your mufflers, which are designed to work in conjunction with fully-functioning catalytic converters.

Your exhaust system also utilizes oxygen sensors mounted into the piping right before and after each catalytic converter. The sensors monitor the levels of gasses and pollutants passing by and relay that information to your engine computer, which uses the data to fine-tune its fuel injection parameters. When your oxygen sensor detects a faulty catalytic converter it triggers a “check engine” light (CEL). As a result, your engine will run less efficiently and consume more fuel to compensate for the sensor error.

If you notice that your car is more noisy, smoky, or smelly than it was when you bought it, it’s time to clean your car’s engine/DPF! Beyond the annoying sound and smell, the issue may be more serious than you think.

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How should I know if have to clean engine - KingKar
How should I know if have to clean engine - KingKar

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