DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0

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  • Clean All Kinds Of DPF, DOC, SCR
  • 8 safety devices on machine
  • 60 minutes cleaning one DPF
  • Lifetime warranty
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DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 specifications

Products NameDiesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Equipment
Voltage(AC)220V single phase, 50HZ/60HZ
380V three phase, 50HZ/60HZ
Rated Capacity(KW)≤14.5
Gas Tank Capacity(L)25
Working Gas Pressure(Mpa)≤6
Liquid Temperature(°C)55-70
Outline Dimensions-LWH(mm)1680*830*1725
Tank Pressure8KG
Net Weight(KG)470
Rated Capacity14.5 (KW) Electricity
Control SystemPLC Control with Touch Screen
FunctionGasoline & Diesel DPF, DOC, SCR Cleaning, DPF Regeneration
CertificationCE, SGS, ISO

Product Description

Kingkar DPF5.0 machine specially designed for cars, it can also clean vans and light trucks, because its size of cleaning chamber up to 1 meter. And the entire left side of Kingkar DPF machine is the washing chamber, big and closed, which can also ensure the clean environment of your shop cleaning.

The right side of Kingkar DPF machine is the operation, as well as some electric devices. The design of the left and right structures of the machine ensures safety during the cleaning process.

Kingkar DPF machine is using warm water with cleaner agent and high-pressure air purging, most important, wave surge technology. Three-in-one process can make sure the cleaning effect nearly 100%.

First, warm water and cleaner agent soften the carbon ash inside the DPF. Secondly, during wave surge cleaning, high-pressure air will be released instantly every 20 seconds, so that carbon ash particles will be pushed from the honeycomb holes layer by layer, a total of 180 times, which can achieve nearly 100% cleaning effect. And it only takes 60 minutes to clean a DPF and will not cause a secondary blockage. It’s impeccable operation and usefulness.

DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

KingKar DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 Feature

  • Mainly for car cleaning
  • Only one unit machine for all size&types of DPF cleaning
  • Clean one DPF will only take 60 minutes
  • Dredge area can reach nearly 100%
DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

Using water flushing and high-pressure air purging process alternately. So for the serious blockage of DOC/ DPF/ SCR of a diesel vehicle,it can be thoroughly cleaned and dredged.

DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

6KG air pressure—the high-pressure air in the air tank is released instantly, and the DPF blockage is blown out by the compressed air to the working compartment.

DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

Multifunctional work tray. All sizes of DPF can be cleaned.Easy to operate and safety, saving time and labor for an engineer.

DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

DPF cleaner agent, Obtained the certification of the Swiss SGS International Authoritative Certification Agency, it can reach double cleaning double benefits.

DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar
Clean All Kinds of DPFs, DOCs, SCRs, etc.

Working Principle

Simply, it is water flushing and high-pressure purging alternate work. The high-pressure air in the high-pressure gas storage tank is released instantaneously. Using the top water of the air, the compressed water is generated to generate potential energy, and the blockage inside the honeycomb carrier is pushed out instantly.

  • After the circulating water is flushed, the bottom of the DPF and the honeycomb mesh are filled with water.
  • The high-pressure gas in the high-pressure air storage tank is instantly released, and the water under pressure by the high-pressure air will instantly push out the hydrogen sulfate and ammonia bicarbonate composite blockage adsorbed inside the honeycomb mesh.
DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar
DPF Cleaning Machine 5.0 - KingKar

This process will cycle three times( Can be set according to the DPF degree of clogging ). So that can remove all the blockage from the filter. It can reach 100% cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning Effect

Comparing by endoscope

Comparing by water