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The Growing Need On The DPF Market

As the country’s environmental protection efforts continue to increase, major auto manufacturers and workshops will also have increasing demand for vehicle dpf and exhaust post-processors.

And more frequent police emission checks are slowly making DPF cleaning machines an indispensable piece of equipment for car repair shops and professional services.

In addition, the rapid return on investment and the potential profits to be made with a DPF machine are encouraging many companies to expand their operations.


The growth of the industry and the improvement of existing cleaning methods on the market has meant that a DPF regeneration machine is no longer just a simple DPF washer, but a technologically advanced multifunctional piece of equipment. Nowadays, the hydrodynamic method is the most popular way to restore filters to up to 100% of their original efficiency and has almost completely dominated the market and displaced other methods.

Kingkar’s newly invented water washing with cleaner agent + high-pressure air purge technology completely solves can’t 100% clean and a secondary blockage technical problem.

Business Concept - KingKar


The DPF cleaning machine offered by KINGKAR is characterized by high efficiency and thoroughness. It can be used to clean up to several filters in one day. More and more often workshops are discontinuing filter removal services.

In return, they are starting to offer cleaning services, opting for a professional service. A DPF machine will certainly help in the fight against the illegal procedure of removing a DPF filter from diesel cars.

New Business Opportunities

With the emergence of DPF cleaning machines, new business opportunities are opening up. Especially, the KingKar machine can clean all kinds of DPFs, including the serious blockage of DOC/ DPF/ SCR of diesel vehicles, it can be thoroughly cleaned and dredged. And further, expand your customer base.

Owners of public and private transport companies are asking for the service more and more often such as tractors, commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural, etc.

DPF Cleaning – Business Concept

The removal of a DPF filter, which used to be a common practice, is now illegal

By law, a car with the DPF removed cannot legally drive on public roads (loss of certification).

High level of interest in this service from potential customers

DPF cleaning services are not complaining about a lack of customers. environmental protection. The struggle for clean air in Europe, as well as in the world, has led to new businesses providing DPF cleaning services for cars, trucks, and buses;

Business Concept - KingKar
Business Concept - KingKar

Huge market

The millions of vehicles registered in our country, most of them with diesel engines, show how big the market is.

An opportunity for start-ups

The huge number of Diesel users and the rising interest in cleaning services ensures that there is still enough room on the market for new companies to start up.

You set yourself goals, we help you achieve them!

Buying a suitable machine is merely the beginning of our business relationship.

We are the only company on the market to offer a comprehensive implementation programme that will help you take your first steps in the DPF cleaning business.

The implementation package includes:

  • Discussion of the business concept together with market analysis, customer groups and marketing plan.
  • Training
  • Technical support

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service.

When purchasing the machine, you can count on our technical advisors and warranty service at any time.

Business Concept - KingKar
Business Concept - KingKar

Who is your customer?

Business Concept - KingKar

Local car workshops
Dealerships and car service centres

Business Concept - KingKar

Transport companies
Truck service centres

Business Concept - KingKar

Public transport companies

Business Concept - KingKar