Getting started of kingkar DPF Machine!

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar


Own investment
Up to 90% leasing with a bank
Start-Up funding from the Regional Employment Office.
European Union funding (such funding comes up sporadic and mainly connected with regional programmes).


Premises from 30m² are sufficient.

Technical issues/Media

380V three-phase five-wire system(32KW)
Installed power 32 KW Heating power consumption
Fixed connection to the water and sewage network is not required

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar
DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Licenses required

Registration of the company at the city council Registration of the company at Waste Database, petroleum waste should be disposed of in specially designated places

Advertising and marketing

Internet advertising
Sponsored articles on local websites
Visits to the workshop
Outdoor advertising e.g. billboards, advertising boards, LED advertising, etc.

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Training in the use of the machine will give you greater confidence

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

You do not need to have specialist knowledge about DPF cleaning.

KINGKAR specialists will clear up your doubts, answer your questions and teach you everything from the ground up.

The training programme is designed for people taking their first steps in the profession, as well as professionals with many years of experience in the industry.

We provide training in the theory and practice (using our own machines and test filters).

Content of the training:

Understanding of the business aspects of providing DPF/FAP/KAT/SCR regeneration services.
Advanced theoretical knowledge of filter design and operation.
Identifying common and unusual causes of filter faults with a focus on cause-effect analysis.
Gaining the ability to perform measurements and assess filter wear.
Preparing filters for regeneration.
Regeneration in practice – machine operation.
Customer service.
Document flow.

Your customers’ expectations and needs

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Filter collection and delivery to the workshop

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Shipping by courier

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Cleaning report

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Loyalty discounts, guarantees

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Filter diagnosis, recommendations

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Same day service

What profits can you make?

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Basic cost

Taxes/Other charges 26.9%
Fuel/depreciation 9%
Cost of renting premises 8.6%
Leasing payment 7%
Internet advertising 5.4%
Employees / 2 people

Technical cost

Vehicles with DPF <3.5 t – 8 USD
EURO VI DPF > 3.5 t – 15 USD
EURO IV, EURO V catalyst – 25 USD

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

Average monthly technical cost for a dpf filter from vehicles <3.5 t: 720 USD

Other costs (per month): 8000~10,000 USD

Operating costs (electricity, detergent, filters) at an average of 40 USD net / 1 dpf

Best service 7 – 12 filters/day
Poor service 2 – 3 filters/week
Our customers’ average is 30 – 90 filters per month.

DPF premium monthly average installment 800-1000 USD= 4-5 dpf filters


COSTS: 8,720 USD

Market size (europe)

DPF Cleaning Business - KingKar

The number of professional services and workshops is growing worldwide.

Passenger cars in the European Union are currently 10.8 years old on average.

Estonia, Lithuania and Romania have the oldest fleets, with vehicles over 16 years old.

Data from 2018. According to ACEA
The European Union has 531 cars per 1000 inhabitants. The EU passenger car fleet has increased by 8% over the last five years and the number of cars on the road has increased from 248 million in 2014 to 268 million in 2018. There are 6.6 million lorries on EU roads.

Lorries are on average 12.4 years old in the European Union.
Despite an increase in the number of registrations in recent years, vehicles with alternative propulsion systems represent only 3.8% of the EU car fleet. 0.7% of all cars on our roads are electric hybrids, 0.2% are electric and plug-in hybrids represent only 0.1% of all passenger cars running on 54% petrol, 41.2% diesel.

The average warranty period for a DPF is 80-120,000 km.

Information sources about your services

Face-to-face visit to workshops
Telephone marketing
Invitation to a free demonstration
Internet marketing: (website, SEO, Google AdWords, e-mail marketing, social media)
Media advertising: (articles on local websites)