The title of the DPF cleaning machine is written like this, which increases your response rate by 10 times! What is DPF blocking material.

The principle and design of the era cold and hot water cleaning machine: The two are two different water consumption pumps that compare methods due to reagent degreasing, pulse flow rate, and nine stage cooling water source. They are divided into two groups: onshore and downstream, with an average shutdown method: concentration adjustment+heating function.

High pressure pump, compared to ordinary water heaters, adopts fully automatic control. Continuous cycle operation without the need for shutdown.

Can clean various equipment and overall layout, cleaning objects: chemical reaction kettles, cooling kettles, acid heating systems, steam compressors, make-up water equipment, reaction kettles, beer cabinets, boilers, and other sewage pipelines, and can be cleaned at designated locations. This technology has a large scale and a wide range of applications, implementing energy-saving and environmental protection equipment that integrates remote water supply, communication, beauty, and other functions. It is widely used in various industries such as chemical, coal, nuclear power, medicine, energy, and military.

Various valves adopt imported high-power DC motors to ensure safety; Various leakage protection devices, automatic fire extinguishing upon equipment startup; Various delayed shutdown devices and safety protection devices; High voltage safety protection measures for various alarm devices; Automatic valve opening and closing, leakage and leakage protection; It is recommended to replace and repair the equipment in a timely manner during maintenance, and ensure the normal use of the equipment in case of leakage after repair;

This machine has advanced cleaning and throwing technology, and liquid particles rotate through a pneumatic rotating mechanism to achieve high-precision cleaning effect.

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