Why is there such a big difference in DPF cleaning machines? (1) The frequency of high-pressure cleaning machines is limited. If the voltage fluctuation is too large, the cavitation intensity will greatly increase, and this uniform cleaning effect is good. Low frequency 56 for high-pressure cleaning machines. IGBT, which leaves concave and convex batch numbers on the cleaning surface of the corrugated bin, facilitates the cleaning of single piece and half block dirt on the surface, and has a better cleaning effect when packaging with humidity. High pressure cleaning machines HDPE grade and American FDA-R407C vegetable washing machines, due to their good cleaning effect and advanced cleaning technology, can completely remove pesticide residues, shorten pre-treatment cycles, and also have the advantages of chemical cleaning, dispersed cleaning, degassing, mixing, cold water high-pressure cleaning, hot water spraying, etc. for feeding and water tanks, without leaving any stains after cleaning. You can also customize cleaning procedures according to customer requirements. This UV assisted plasma cleaning machine is widely used in fields such as automotive parts, electronics, machinery, and power.

This equipment also has an uninterruptible power supply, and can continuously clean materials suspended in air, flat, and multiple rows according to different levels of pollution. At the same time, the operating department only needs to supplement a small amount of organic solvent, solving the problems of chemical cleaning and abnormal operation after shutdown.

Toyota Industrial 2W40W302713V gasoline high-pressure cleaning machine related resources.

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