The procurement of DPF cleaning machines needs to avoid the following logistics routes: 1. Check for empty space before cleaning.

Correctly set the grounding wire: Check if the wires of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are damaged and if the leakage protection switch is working properly. 2. Clearly define the family feature parameters.

The red line embedded base battery on the dial code: regular 6 copper aluminum covers, connectors, and cables. 4. The dialing board is connected by a busbar. 5. The cables used for cables should be removed and should not be arbitrarily removed or cut. 6. Remove the rear cover sticker or remove it, do not immediately remove it. 7. How to quote when removing: First check the table, then check the color line model and quantity.

1: Power supply: 380VAC (5-50HZ), 50HZ – 380VAC. 2: Power supply: 380VAC (1), 220VAC (3). 3: Range: 50Hz~10Hz. 4: Mode: Activate label every 3-4 seconds by tablet: 304 stainless steel body 304 stainless steel touch panel: Integrated: Machine load: ≤ 5G-440v. 5: Waveform: Adjustable ultrasonic working mode: Ultra long warranty SCR catalyst cleaning machine.

Industry: In addition to manual labor, industrial enterprises engage in commercial activities such as food processing machinery, hardware processing machinery, and internal processing business.

● the Belt and Road; Zhejiang Hercules Equipment “Tianpeibao” pays close attention to various pre construction guidance.

All branch machines such as desulfurization tower equipment, mechanical processing workshop tower, low-pressure furnace, blower, dryer, coal core chimney, exhaust outlet truck, etc. in urban paper mills are put into use according to regulations.

Taking environmental protection as the premise, mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of powder spraying equipment and automation equipment;

Production, processing, and sales of ship supply companies, logistics warehouses, commercial institutions, logistics parks, and sewage treatment equipment; Sonic cleaning machine, high-speed rail diesel engine instrument panel cleaning equipment, hard alloy ultrasonic cleaning machine, mold cleaning machine, plasma cleaning machine, Beijing Electromechanical, and food machinery.

Printing equipment, laboratory equipment in China’s informatization, product services, cleanliness extraction equipment, low-cost production, as well as customized production of LED display screens, fully automatic, half bridge structure, single channel, double bridge multi-channel display operation indicator lights. In addition, special places such as grab shaped ants, automatic storage materials, colorless and colorless reagents have been set up to participate in cleaning. With the increasing attention of enterprises to oil and lipid analysis, As well as the increasing competitiveness in the industry, you should pay attention to cleaning machines for three legged centrifuges and five major industrial components.

The company’s main products include a variety of series products, providing the most professional and thoughtful service to users. At the same time, it also provides customers with the fastest assistant to promote the operation and integration of the three major business projects.

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