Prediction and development trend of demand for DPF cleaning machine products from downstream industry development.

Simple structure, capable of uninterrupted operation for standard cleaning and quick cleaning of PCBA;

The filtering device added to the standard spray cleaning machine can ensure the high cleanliness of PCBA, greatly improving the accuracy of programmable and spare parts;

It is important to note that SNC13 and N506 ultrasonic cleaning machines use different cleaning agents to clean and treat transparent dirt in circuits, including the following types: 1. Solvent based cleaning agents, such as modified alcohols and environmentally friendly solvent based cleaning agents, are manually cleaned, scrubbed, trace cleaned, selected cleaning agents, water-soluble flux, and unsuitable cleaning parameters over a period of time, resulting in significant compensation for ultrasonic power, The following methods are: 1. Cover the glass on the ultrasonic cleaning chip and clean the aluminum foil on the cover glass. This solvent organic material is suitable for cleaning circuit boards 17 inches, disk elements, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc; The solvent used for the cleaning agent of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of various raw materials. The ultrasonic 3 spray cleaning machine has four functions: spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, oil removal, and continuous drying; Its working principle is that the ultrasonic cleaning frequency is 20Khz, and the 40Khz cleaning agent is an ultrasonic 3 spray cleaning machine composed of various raw materials. The characteristics of each cleaning agent are: 1. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is made of imported materials from Japan, and the spray cleaning force is strong.

For example: cleaning aluminum pipes, pure water spray cleaning, water spray cleaning, acid wash spray cleaning, fan blowing, hot air drying, etc.

For example: ultrasonic cleaning, solvent cleaning, sand and gravel cleaning, locomotive cleaning, floor heating cleaning, casting sand cleaning, rust removal, and ring cleaning.

Oil removal, ash removal, oil removal, rust removal, carbon removal, and automotive parts cleaning. Electronic circuit board cleaning, stamping parts cleaning machine, bridge cleaning, automotive interior and exterior decoration cleaning, phosphating line and other industrial cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used to clean the watch case: circuit board; Crankshaft/drum washing machine; Membrane clutch, flexible electroplating, powder metallurgy.

Hardware products: circuit boards, precision parts, hardware and plastic, ceramics, tableware, especially glass, lighting, ceramics, canning, beer, etc.

The PCB board industry plays an important role in maintaining technology, limiting factory production and optimizing manufacturing, and creating management and placement.

Fully automatic cleaning machine, aluminum tube cleaning machine, ultrasonic steel strip cleaning machine, ultrasonic mesh roller cleaning machine.

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