Explanation of common problems in exporting DPF cleaning machine skills: blockage with high noise, ultrasonic, industrial design, installation of 6 installation structures, and multiple methods available for selection.

With the development of technology, the application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is becoming more and more widespread. New types of ultrasonic cleaning products that have undergone various improvements and improvements are constantly emerging, replacing traditional models to meet the market-oriented requirements of the enterprise, such as production, Kingdee Cannon, glasses, rings, and life rings. With the correct use of the founder, the products have been more widely used. At present, brands in categories such as automotive parts, aerospace parts, repair engines, mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic tools, standard parts, aerospace parts, aluminum shell casting, aviation casting, wind power generation, etc.

What is the principle of a manually operated ultrasonic cleaning machine? Ultrasound, caused by sound waves, causes tissue to form a flow cavity on the surface of an object, resulting in the formation of molecular tissue, the accumulation of biological extracts on the surface, chemical synthesis, accelerated cracking, and cracking. For a small number of root species with yellow, red, black, and black hairs, there are several types, including roots, thickness, flat columns, hexagons, and tubular stems.

The principle of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly to use the cavitation effect of ultrasound to remove oil, dust, or a small amount of debris on the surface of an object. Through the vibration of ultrasound, the moisture on the surface of the object is peeled off. The mechanical, physical, and chemical effects of ultrasound can generate chemical reactions on the surface of the object, forming a thin layer of unstable passivation and emulsion. Using the cavitation effect of ultrasound to clean workpieces can not only make the surface of the object smooth, but also eliminate physical, chemical reactions, environmental odors, or damage caused by external radiation caused by various factors.

Regarding material: The inner groove is welded with 2mm SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer groove is made of 38 high-quality stainless steel plate, with a beautiful and elegant appearance;

Emergency notification regarding the PLC and touch screen (placed next to the device power supply or ejecting a stable ultrasonic cleaning machine forward into the frame).

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