DPF cleaning machine market analysis skills.

Remove almost all common sense from components such as converters and internal circuit boards. Special cleaning is very time-consuming, and this part mainly involves

Sweepers, as one of the high-tech products in the cleaning industry, are increasingly widely used. So, how to maintain the broom? In order to save costs, we have now designed it for your chemical, cleaning, and efficient modes

High pressure cleaning machines are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water. However, the commonly used hot water high pressure cleaning machines have a pressure of no more than 250bar. Hot water high pressure cleaning machines are mainly used to clean difficult to clean dirt. Hot water high pressure cleaning machines use expansion pipes for heating. When water passes through the expansion pipes, the pressure of the expansion pipes will be relatively high. If the bearing capacity of the expansion pipes does not increase, then the hot water high pressure

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for safety and hygiene have also increased. Some customers may be worried when not using it, so what kind of things are there? Below is an introduction to the main aspects of his work.

Maintaining ventilation, dryness, and cleanliness in the equipment workplace is conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and optimizing the working environment conditions;

When the cleaning solution is too dirty, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. Regularly clean the dirt in the cleaning tank and storage tank, maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning tank and its appearance, and improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

● Keep the electrical control box and equipment vents away from water vapor, corrosive gases, and dust, and regularly clean the attached dust with compressed air;

● Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment, regularly inspect the aging prone electrical components, check the grounding wire, and ensure good grounding of the equipment. This project must be carried out by an electrician with professional experience;

Regularly test the power supply to confirm compliance with the power supply voltage requirements of the equipment, and avoid long-term operation under unstable power sources that are too high or too low;

● Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment, regularly inspect and replace components, and promptly replace easily aged electrical components that have minor fractures or severe damage;

Regularly test the transmission power supply, requiring sufficient space to ensure that the grid voltage meets the requirements;

Regularly test the voltage of lithium batteries, monitor and replace the voltage of lithium batteries regularly to avoid electric shock accidents in batteries and equipment;

Regularly test the battery life of lithium batteries to avoid damage to the battery and its lifespan, in order to extend the battery’s service life;

Long term testing of the battery life of lithium batteries to avoid safety hazards to the battery and equipment, especially regular testing of the voltage of lithium batteries.

What troubles consumers is that the battery voltage of lithium-ion batteries is lower than that of 1356M brush batteries, which accounts for the throttle of the battery. The effect is better than I expected, and the temperature of battery damage will exceed that of booth style 10 ° C batteries. The battery will be fully charged within 3 minutes, and the battery level will be controlled at 3 liters, ranking first. The battery has a capacity of 3 liters, causing the battery’s range to exceed 08 ° C. The battery requires approximately long-distance transportation.

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Driving type sweeping machines are used in property management communities. Industrial small electric sweeping vehicles are used for road environmental protection sweeping machines.

The property community uses a driving type sweeping machine factory. The property community uses a battery type sweeping machine. The property community uses a forklift charging type sweeping machine with a fully automatic washing machine of 50W.

Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, EU CE product quality certification, and automotive manufacturing standard certification.

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