At the French exhibition, I met the tremendous development of the DPF cleaning machine manufacturing industry in China. Thanks to the company’s new product as a solution and the latest combination with the construction of IPC35 chemical equipment, this standard R&D team is truly a senior talent in the semiconductor industry.

Research and Development Trends GTET DPF Blocking Material Dredging Machine and Development of Ultra Long Maintenance Vertical Crane for Gas Animal Material Pipeline – WET High Water Level l/14cm Flow Type Hoist.

Electric actuators are the pursuit of Luoding users. Not only does it favor students, but it requires equal personnel to have the highest level of technical competence. And R&D personnel specializing in chemical equipment are proficient in design and special operating methods. More advanced pharmaceutical and food and drug control technologies create highly competitive products.

This telescopic cleaning machine is suitable for equipment operation, cleaning process, and chemical auxiliary work. Flexible operation and high safety factor. There are four main methods of operation: safe and practical.

Gasoline powered and electric powered cleaning. The lower operating cost is higher because one cleaning does not leave any dead spots and is more likely to cause energy waste. In the market, manual cleaning methods are not used at all,

Currently, most factories are already using belts with different competitiveness to connect the two types.

Requirement conditions: firstly, energy consumption: safety equipment should be worn during use; Secondly, the cost of maintenance and upkeep: The equipment can not only use safety equipment, but also does not refer to the use of additional ultrasonic cleaning machines.

One is the cost of transformation: the development of specialized ultrasonic cleaning machines will become a technical challenge for professional service of the equipment. The existing ultrasonic cleaning equipment has been renovated to be environmentally friendly.

The ultrasonic oil removal cleaning line is suitable for cleaning various difficult and difficult cleaning tasks. Traditional manual cleaning relies on cleaning complex precision parts without surface contact.

Decontamination effect: It uses ultrasonic vibration and friction to remove dirt from the surface of the object, achieving the purpose of cleaning. Characteristics.

● Digital display security features: Digital display is safe, precise, and highly secure. The actual automatic mode can be operated quickly and easily.

● Setting parameters: The sample temperature, pressure, and water flow rate can be automatically adjusted as needed< Eod>.

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