DPF cleaning machine, storage rack, classification, mixing paddle, dispersal device 003, handheld pressure regulating machine, 1000bar pressure adjustable electric elevator.

Focusing on industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, hydrocarbon cleaning machines, water treatment equipment, ultrasonic welding machines, electroplating equipment production lines, industrial automation transformation production lines, non-standard customized production lines, and smaller processing assembly lines.

The MM series ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is a sandwich type transducer made of piezoelectric ceramic material, which generates mechanical vibration under the action of an alternating electric field.

The MM series ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of an ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic oscillator, a heating ring, and a working chamber. A gasket made of cellulose converts ultrasonic heat energy into mechanical energy under the action of ultrasonic vibration, generating high-frequency AC signals.

The MM series ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic transducer, a vibrator, a heating ring, and a working chamber.

The MM series ultrasonic cleaning machine is a standard type of our company. The editor will first introduce what ultrasonic cleaning machines are and their practical business applications. In recent years, with the support of other industries such as industry, communication, construction, and highways, the majority of the industry has adopted more. Many manufacturers often use a straight reciprocating cleaning method when cleaning, but there are also special requirements for the cleaning method. Generally, vortex jet cleaning is used, while high-power ultrasonic cleaning machines use cantilever type.

Adopting BIGGE full wave transducer, microcontroller control, ultrasonic cleaning machine power split type, large ultrasonic cleaning machine can handle large and small batch cleaning at once.

Single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cell grinder, etc.

The input type ultrasonic vibration plate device consists of two parts: the vibration plate and the ultrasonic generator, suitable for placing in various cleaning tanks to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic cleaning. The size of the vibration plate and the direction of the lead pipe can be made into a bottom vibration type according to the installation position. The side entry hole is installed at the bottom of the cleaning tank, which means that the fixing device and the ultrasonic vibration plate are fixed together< Eod>.

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