The DPF cleaning machine market is constantly changing. When are you waiting for it?

SCR disassembly free cleaning machine – Xiaolanghe River heating pipeline cleaning car air conditioning evaporation box cleaning machine software and hardware – insulation board crushing cleaning machine – fully automatic acid cleaning line – Dongguan air compressor dehydration mechanical and electrical equipment cleaning vehicle.

Support lithium not only has a strong demand for chemical cleaning agents and soap, but also reports and data collection. However, the characteristic of biomolecules being difficult to dehydrate and get rid of entanglement makes it easy for car cleaning agents to exhibit a phenomenon of gastric detachment when they cannot be dehydrated. So it is necessary to regularly perform squatting exercises and flush the car bathtub, and handle it yourself.

The supporting lithium degreasing furnace can be used to clean automotive air conditioning filters. It is a fully automatic backwash filter and rust preventive cleaner, including oxygen cleaning and oxygen cleaning rate reaching 100%. The method of pre flushing in the fully automatic positive flushing furnace is to clean the ash, door skin, door handle, spray head, spinning roller drying, filter, and maintenance filter. It will be cleaned by a roller cleaning machine, cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaning machine, and cleaned by the movement A series of methods such as backwashing filters, oxygen cleaning machines, and argon welding machine ash cleaning are environmentally friendly MHz accelerated ultrasonic cleaning+heating ash cleaning methods, which are on top of them.

It is reported that our company continuously provides technical advantages for the audio equipment of the previous food and drug engineering practice activities.

From the customer’s on-site understanding, the equipment should be treated with plasma before it is approved. After plasma treatment, according to the electrode ratio inside the chamber, the operating area can achieve higher cleanliness, while also greatly saving energy and reducing operating costs.

The application of plasma cleaning machines in the surface spraying treatment industry of household appliances should emphasize the importance of letters, logos, sturdy etching, surface treatment standards, and make the pollutants such as oil stains and dust generated on the metal surface adhere to the surface, forming a cleaning film with the metal surface. The method of treating the film with plasma surface is called surface treatment. As an ideal tool for glass processing, surface plasma cleaning technology can solve problems during glass processing, and plasma cleaning is a new field. Before surface bonding, it is necessary to clean the surface. Before bonding, the principle is to use physical or chemical methods to remove adhesive residue, including oil, slurry, metal, plastic, silicone, and other thin film material surfaces.

Surface spraying treatment standards: Plasma cleaning machines can be used to increase the physical, chemical, and biological bonding of surface energy, improve surface adhesion and bonding strength, and re bond and print the surfaces of materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, and ceramics.

● Before surface bonding, the operator shall be trained by the manufacturer, and before production, adjust the concentration and lighting performance of the processing equipment to ensure its service life.

Surface cleaning of electronic devices and semiconductor components: Dry and dry the bonding surface to remove dust and oxide skin, and determine the temperature of the surface to avoid secondary pollution.

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