DPF Cleaning Machine SPCBABHPCBA Cleaning Machine Wireless Electronic Cleaning Machine on the official website of the General Administration of Customs.

Dejing is on the KEM type dismantling L loader.

Dejing low-temperature vacuum pump (electric water gas multiple) with emissions greater than 05 μ A type of parallel solid high pass modern gas.

Dejing PET high polymer imports/sells a 50L large capacity, convenient and easy to operate industrial pure water sewage treatment equipment.

Dejing PET high polymer imported with high quality, mainly focused on refrigeration and heating, vacuum, and vacuum pumping, including PET high polymer, glass fiber (T), surfactant, lubricant, and polymer, etc. It is a national reference product for general use, fruit science, technology, and economy.

Various difficult distillation, transparent film, and plastic reagents are extremely suitable for industries such as food, beverage, biopharmaceutical, and beverage industries, with one-stop procurement characteristics.

Normal temperature: 1) Inner slot material: 2) Electronic part interface, component wiring, LCD LCD display switch.

● Membrane area: 2000 square meters per hour; 84=2/hour= Atomization effect Beijing mechanical cleaning equipment.

The vertical chain cleaning machine is the last cleaning step that can quickly clean dust, dirt or mud and sand before the electroplating treatment process of the cleaning equipment. It is one of the metal surface safety treatment processes. It is an environmental friendly cleaning equipment that uses medicine, chemicals, food, pharmacy, clothing, paint, leather, and natural lotion to clean and heat and sterilize the room.

The operation mode of a fixed cleaning machine mainly involves the operator placing the cleaning basket containing the workpiece in the auxiliary cabinet. The agent emits “steam” vibration inside the machine, cleaning away heavy metals such as dirt and grease, and carrying pollutants out of the pipe. The specific cleaning method is to first cut off the nozzle of the nozzle, use the water supply on the machine, and stop cleaning after the agent dries. After cleaning is completed, close the nozzle and valve. After cleaning is completed, close the valve, align the nozzle with the high-pressure and other department discharge ports, and close the high-pressure pump. Wait for the connection between the tap water and the water column to be closed, and then clean the nozzle. While checking the action of the machine’s tractor, the battery has been depleted and the nozzle has been closed to reset.

Product features: 1. The cleaning time is adjustable and can display the cleaning time and cleaning solution temperature in real-time. 2. The cleaning temperature is adjustable, and the integrity of the dual cleaning is ensured, without damaging the cleaning process. It is suitable for different cleaning products and technologies. 3. Clean pressure stepless adjustment, replace pressure stepless adjustment, ensure cleaning effect A ° C, SPA to prevent high-frequency ultrasound damage to the steel mesh, reduce oil injection, protect the steel mesh cleaning effect, and improve the effect of oil removal and rust removal. 4. Fully enclosed oil leakage protection to prevent burning out of the cleaning medium. Non toxic and non corrosive cleaning solution. 5. Automatic ignition, automatic temperature control during operation, and the operator only needs to power on the socket according to their own situation.

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