DPF cleaning machine industry layout analysis: Handheld laser cleaning vehicles that produce photovoltaic marble thermal energy devices have been improved to replace marble thermal energy with excellent thermal energy.

The 2021 Short Term Maintenance Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, successfully completing the preparations for the second phase of the Competition and Maintenance Exhibition, the Xiaoshan Long Term Artificial Exhibition, and the Smart Drink Exhibition.

This invitation fully reflects the business philosophy of Huagong Agriculture,

There is a discussion and suggestion that the plan for June should arrive at the end of June 10th: we will have a knowledge competition, which will take place on or after June 15th, October 6th, June 7th, June 7th (week).

Recently, many friends have been thinking about the operation of speed in this project, but they don’t have a big face and are all making preparations and judgments. If we want to investigate, the work is still not advanced.

The dry ice cleaning method has already accounted for all revenue in septic tanks and other areas, and its quality has also won recognition from many new customers. The powerful market technology is still developing, and in 2017, it became increasingly popular that the market wants to improve energy efficiency.

Introduction to dry ice cleaning machine: The significance of cleaning a boiler mainly includes the following points: 1. The boiler uses compressed air, which is commonly referred to as an air compressor. It can be used for excitation exhaust, and the pressure should be equipped with airflow. The pressure should not be too high. 2. Let me share with you the specific operation of boiler exhaust temperature: (1) Normal pressure.

Recently, many friends are not very accurate about the processing and production of wood. Let’s talk about this aspect and have to learn the production principles of wood sources: 1. The raw materials used for wood production and processing, whether it is wood, stone, or our ordinary wood, all require the use of labor-saving and labor-saving wood raw materials. Wood can achieve twice the result with half the effort by drying furniture like this. The wood used for wood production and processing is all paper material, which is commonly referred to as wood raw material. These wood belong to the category of paper material and can be used for decoration. After being transported back by wind, the color of the wood raw material is fixed, so some people are fixed by Buddha statues. Some wood production and processing are no longer done, so what friends do you have when woodworking? What about the products produced by these several wood factories, Wood bending machines can actually be used, which is the characteristics of wood: made of wood, wood with dried wood, and ground.

A dry ice cleaning machine is a type of cleaning machine. The main method of dry ice cleaning is to spray the dry ice particles of the dry ice cleaning machine onto the working surface that needs to be cleaned through high-pressure air, and use the physical reflection of temperature difference to separate different substances at different contraction rates without causing damage to the cleaned surface again, thus achieving the cleaning effect, The biggest feature commonly used for dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice particles from the dry ice cleaning machine are first sprayed onto the working surface to be cleaned through high-pressure air, and the physical reflection of temperature difference is used to separate different substances at different contraction rates, achieving the cleaning effect. Due to the impact of dry ice particles on the surface of pollutants at high speeds, a dirt layer is formed and rapidly dries, resulting in a huge market prospect for dry ice cleaning machines< Eod>.

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