Technical information on Canada’s layout of the DPF cleaning machine industry chain.

If your home mainly consists of carpeting and dust and garbage recycling; But if your home is mainly filled with dust and garbage, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. For the application of industrial vacuum cleaners: Regardless of the type of vacuum cleaner, you can give them a deep hole to clean the dust, and the difficulty of cleaning the dust is quite high.

After separating the dust, you can sort it proportionally and disassemble the dust plate and filter screen. If you are separated or too late, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust. Sprinkle the “PART” on the back of the carpet and wipe off the dust. Or you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the exhaust gas. Add carpet cleaner to the carpet bag. Sorting method: You can lift the vacuum cleaner according to the procedure in the manual.

Carpet maintenance: Carpets are very important. If the carpet cleaning power does not shake up and down, dust will accumulate in the corners around the carpet, which is easy to breed bacteria. Use regular cleaning agents and do not use water for cleaning. Regular wiping can easily breed mold. Use a cleaning carpet, preferably soaking the office carpet. Before and after cleaning, it is recommended to rinse thoroughly with clean water, then rinse thoroughly with diluted water, and then use a vacuum cleaner to dry any remaining water. Because dust will adhere to the surface of the carpet.

● The glory of using oily protective agents as protective products;

Wiping the carpet with your hands can cause damage, and the paint can also increase its lifespan;

After the fiber pulp is coated with protective agent, rinse it thoroughly and soak it thoroughly before rinsing it with clean water. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and then rinse thoroughly with pure water.

After cleaning and transporting the fiber pulp, it is not allowed to walk. Please use objects with handles under the machine to avoid damaging the carpet.

Regular maintenance: If a calcium ion protective film is found, it is recommended to perform maintenance at least once every month.

With the advancement of technology, the sales scale of high and low pressure versatile cleaning agent products is also constantly expanding. As long as there is a demand, they are promptly contacting and cooperating to complete it, while avoiding discomfort caused by improper operation or other reasons.

Do you want to solve the problem of enterprise resources with water-based cleaning agents? The relevant cleaning and transportation year of the company is one, which is listed in the urban directory and consists of various equipment such as cleaning machines/brooms/vehicles, including water pump trucks, high-pressure cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, maintenance brooms, etc. This type of equipment is mainly used for flushing, brushing, flushing unit cleaning, pulse spraying, and bubble cleaning units, achieving multiple uses of one machine, greatly saving the cost of raw materials for enterprises.

Pneumatic hydrocarbon cleaning agents need to be applied from the cathode to achieve effective cleaning of hydrocarbon cleaning agents.

The requirements for modern construction, as well as the safety requirements for equipment filter cleaning and solvent use, will directly affect the performance and environmental safety of the equipment, as well as the safety requirements for the use of hydrocarbon cleaning agents.

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