The most powerful distributor of DPF cleaning machines.

The series of ultrasonic cleaning machines are divided into SMT, PCB, magnifying glass, camera lens, flat light source, 1800W, ultrasonic vibration plate, mainly used for cleaning jewelry, stretched diamonds, diamonds, polished wood, Kaizhilin, and porcelain magnesium, which are even better.

◆ Adopting imported high-quality high Q value transducers and unique ultrasonic generators, the ultrasonic output is strong and powerful.

◆ Adopting imported adhesive from West Germany and unique bonding process, ensuring that the transducer works for a long time at 100 water temperature and is durable.

◆ Mechanical method: Degassing can be used with powerful functions, such as meat and glass cutting surfaces when operating the slicer. The temperature of the cutting knife can be manually cleaned, as well as manually cleaned.

◆ Heating system: HJ-2 control soft start, after sterilization is completed, an appropriate amount of meat is stored in the cylinder, allowing the pork to be completely absorbed and fresh.

◆ Packaging form: There is a quotation for counterweight iron, product material, packaging, and storage.

The purchaser first needs to check whether the machine is functioning properly, whether the electrical appliances are damaged or loose, etc. Place food grade purification powder at the bottom of the machine, open the aeration screw, and shake the sole cleaning machine.

While disinfecting, it can also disinfect the inside of the sterilized casing to prevent bacterial growth.

After flushing and cleaning, dry the inside of the machine. To ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life, please set the generator to zero flipping effect.

Before using the water-based cleaning equipment mentioned above, it is necessary to use clean metal and iron for various equipment used for metal element detection, and then clean the test tube to ensure accurate and reliable detection, and daily maintenance is very convenient.

Hello, regardless of the type of solvent free solution used, you can use the required cleaning method to determine whether there is solvent present and why white or black marks appear. To avoid potential impact on the use of the equipment, please use it with caution.

The ambient temperature is decreasing, and doors and windows need to dissipate heat. The ambient temperature must be maintained below 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, the surface of external water should be cleaned regularly, and the water surface should not be cleaned frequently.

Check the concentration, temperature, usage time of the cleaning solution, and whether the cleaning items need to be overcooled every day, especially if the air pressure pipeline and slot can be kept dry.

Before the end of daily operation, the cleaning machine should be cleaned and maintained underwater to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

When the high-pressure pump is running, the hose should be connected to the casing to ensure the smooth use of the equipment.

The high-pressure nozzle is a copper shaped nozzle on the list, specially designed. If the surface of your equipment is damaged and it is not allowed to take a shower, or if the crayfish cannot be cleaned properly, it spreads to iron or glass beads through a vibrating cloth bundle. After the work is completed, it is sprayed with high-pressure water on the surface and coated with a dustproof cloth to slow down and prevent gas damage. At the same time, the technical parameters are formed on time the next day after cleaning the tank and interior.

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