How to solve common problems with DPF cleaning machine products? The company will introduce you to the precautions for using high-pressure cleaning machines!

A high-pressure cleaning machine is a highly efficient cleaning equipment that utilizes high-pressure water generated by a high-pressure water generating device to spray water in the direction of the nozzle onto the surface of the object that needs to be cleaned. The high-pressure water will form a high-speed water jet, utilizing the powerful impact of the high-pressure water jet to complete the cleaning task. The following is the correct use of a high-pressure cleaning machine to remove burrs and burrs from the inside of the high-pressure cleaning machine pipes.

Flush the hoses and filters connected to the cleaning agent to remove any residue from the detergent to help prevent corrosion.

Intermittent flushing of the cutting tool to avoid danger, no obvious water stains after cleaning, cutting off the cutting head and pressurizing for preservation to prevent wearing a stainless steel high-pressure cleaning machine during cutting.

● Regular cleaning and maintenance: If you do not pay attention to cleaning and cleaning slippers, you should use a cleaning machine or disconnect the power plug, use a power cord, and turn on the motor to adjust the power switch.

When the cleaning solution is prone to corrosion, if it needs to be replaced, the high-pressure pump should be replaced. It is recommended to use a power supply of No. 27 or No. 20.

● Regular maintenance: In cleaning various pipelines, place hoses, filters, and hoses that require detergent replacement, and connect the flushing water to the inlet chamber of the pipeline cleaning machine to ensure effective cleaning of the environment by the cleaning machine. Top 10 DPF steam cleaning machines.

Check the pipeline system for any air or water leaks. If such situations occur, notify maintenance personnel for repairs.

It is strictly prohibited to use a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning operations, such as sliding and friction on the ground and walls, to avoid affecting the effectiveness of high-pressure flushing.

If water leakage is found in the cleaning cylinder, it should be immediately shut down and stopped, and the cleaning fluid should be emptied before contacting the manufacturer.

The pass-through high-pressure spray cleaning machine is a cleaning equipment mainly used for cleaning the surface of industrial components. The equipment has rollers and chains inside, and the pass-through spray cleaning machine cleans industrial components.

How to choose a single station hydrocarbon cleaning machine for aircraft carbon deposition cleaning machine.

Compared with traditional cleaning machines, through type high-pressure spray cleaning machines mainly improve the efficiency of cleaning operations, improve work efficiency, and bring more benefits to enterprises.

The high-pressure spray cleaning machine mainly cleans 304 stainless steel and copper aluminum profiles, quartz sand, oil, coatings, silicon wafers, cleaning fluid, mold cleaning, stamping, rubber molds, and other stainless steel products, hardware products, plastic products, electronic components, plastic products, petrochemical aluminum products, mechanical parts, engineering machinery, automotive parts, compressor parts, and automotive parts.

Compared with traditional cleaning machines, through type high-pressure spray cleaning machines have faster cleaning efficiency, can complete batch cleaning operations simultaneously, reduce labor costs, and improve cleaning quality.

The high-pressure spray cleaning machine mainly cleans 304 stainless steel and copper aluminum products, quartz sand, resin, coatings, paints, resins, stones, diamonds, artificial crystals, semiconductor silicon wafers, molds, precision hardware, electroplating, magnetic materials, automotive components, powder metallurgy, graphite, molds, medical devices, optical lenses, metal stamping parts, mechanical components, plumbing devices, gifts, ceramics, glassware, etc.

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