What are the trends in the competitiveness of DPF cleaning machine products? What are the working principles of high-pressure cleaning machines.

High pressure cleaning machine is a principle of using high-pressure water for cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning, which has the following characteristics.

The use of a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning operations can be comprehensive from several aspects, including its working principle, cleaning methods, noise standard control, safety and safety protection.

The application scope of high-pressure cleaning machines: mainly used for cleaning various powders, irregular broken steel, glass sheets, hemp steel, castings, sand cleaning, etc. in automotive painting workshops, such as grilles, skids, highways, industrial cleaning, and YAG spray painting production lines.

The high-pressure cleaning pump body is protected by its lock. If it is lifted blindly, opening the high temperature and DC24V machine to walk in a high temperature environment can cause mechanical damage, which can cause the following minor diseases.

Due to the use of high-pressure cleaning machines for blasting, the temperature of the high-pressure cleaning machine will rapidly rise and decrease, causing deformation of the guide hole. In severe cases, the protection may be damaged due to the stress of the nozzle, and in severe cases, it may rupture due to the stress of the nozzle.

The continuous working time and interval adjustment of the intermittent cleaning machine should be at least 4 hours. Clean for at least 2 hours until it reaches the blackout industry (based on the continuous working time, the cleaning machine should stop within 80 hours).

After all stops, turn off the entire system power supply and check if the power supply meets the requirements. Confirm that the circuit is correctly connected to the power plug, drain the water in the cleaning tank, and ensure that the cleaning tank is clean.

Firstly, connect the hose and connector of the high-pressure cleaning machine together and open the upper cover. For some parts with poor quality, it is necessary to connect the hose and connector together. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the connection is firm and firm. If there are conditions for a longer area, it is best to connect it with a soft and smooth mesh belt. In addition, attention should be paid to checking the connection surface between the machine’s transmission device and the waterway, preferably driven by a simple motor or operated in a straight line.

The floor mat is equipped with a powerful suction cup, which reduces the cost of the mat and prevents the machine from causing texture deformation during the cleaning process. 9. Replacing and removing the soft cushion can effectively protect the hard cushion.

When releasing the trigger, check the released motor to release the pressure in the machine. 12. It is recommended to tighten and replace when high pressure is required.

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