Start with a steady win! The DPF cleaning machine industry welcomes a good start, with indoor startup being cleaner and brighter. Project process: Check and empty the garbage bin before starting the machine, and clean the broken glass in the water tank after checking and emptying. 1、 Before starting the machine, check the power cord of the emptying machine. Check if the power cord of the vehicle’s switch is present at high temperatures. Check if the water outlet belt is securely locked. 2、 If the sound is abnormal, it is necessary to remove the 23012V power line port and check if the distribution line is damaged. If any, immediately eliminate it. If there are any issues, resolve them immediately. After more than 5 guarantees, flush with water and connect to the empty fuel tank. Based on the actual cleaning situation and new experience, it was found that the noise problem of cleaning the old dealers separately was caused. At this moment, dust removal, vacuum cleaning, charging, labor-saving, and efficient are starting. 6. If the noise is very loud, remove the air tank and open the cover. Take out the tank to add clean air and power the distribution line. 2、 When there is no swinging cleaning solution inside the box, first use a solemn shaver to remove oil stains and insect eggs from the ground. Then magnify and pour a portion of the water into the box to prevent mixed flow of cleaning solution. After the parts are cleaned, immediately turn off the power supply and then drain the cleaning solution. Finally, wipe the maintenance agent indicator light with a spoon again (note: do not use white vinegar and laundry detergent to clean, otherwise it will affect the cleaning effect), and then follow the indicator light to customize the usage method of the cleaning machine. 2. Open the entire water tank and wait for a few hours to add water or pump water – after cleaning under normal pressure for 3-5 minutes, heat up and clean again to remove scale and insect eggs, and prevent the accumulation of sediment on the roadside of the care agent. Try to use an open machine to open the cover plate as much as possible, and turn on the pneumatic grounding remote control switch. This can repair various insect egg cleaning needs in the control cabinet, maintain ventilation in the water tank of the cleaning machine, and prevent freezing; All installation positions should be handled with dismantling tools as much as possible to eliminate loose protection and ensure safe use. 3. After all preparations are made, close the valve dial and use your fingers to ignite and clean.

Our cleaning machine mainly uses manual cleaning to clean the surface of the workpiece, which not only removes stubborn oil stains, dust, and other auxiliary agents, but also has a more effective effect on removing oil stains. Quick use detergent solution can not only clean the paint surface of general mechanical objects, but also has requirements for heat treatment processes. Quickly remove precision metal components using alloys and other processing methods.

Which is the best hydrogen peroxide low-temperature sterilizer? How much does it cost to order a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine? Sterilizer manufacturers provide high-quality products and quotations such as ethylene oxide sterilizers, endoscopic cleaning tanks, and wet/dry heat rapid sterilizers at wholesale prices. Welcome to call for production customization!

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