DPF cleaning machine sales exceeded expectations, focusing on peak season market trends, leading innovation and entrepreneurship, and developing intelligent equipment,

Farm flushing device, which can quickly flush clean, is a good helper for artificial rainfall. After advancing, the water enters the stage of “sand and sand”. With the widespread application of high-pressure water in recent years, it mainly protects engines, high-pressure pumps, nozzles, and other “foolproof” storage and use in water supply.

The main application areas of the M50/22 high-pressure cleaning machine are: 1. Surface of building steel structures; 2. Pipeline Chemicals (GYO); 3. Main crude oil chemical reaction kettle and heating device; 4. Daily cleaning and dredging of heat exchangers and condensers; 5. Although the walls of the construction site are damaged, they remain in the specified state; 7. Distribution box and cable, fully automatic robotic arm distribution device (1); 8. Casting sand removal, oil stains, grease, and emulsions; 9. Automotive beauty high-pressure water gun and ignition plug; 10. Daily cleaning and dredging of engineering vehicles;

● Surface of building steel structures; The main high-pressure cleaning machine equipment is generally used for cleaning the exterior facade of buildings; The general ultra-high pressure cleaning machine equipment is applied to the construction site; Cleaning the surface of steel structures at the high-pressure cleaning construction site of construction projects; Sometimes, by spraying paint or cutting boards, bending them to holes, feces or cleaning them all; Or oscillation; Cleaning the concrete surface requires the removal of mud.

Generally speaking, the high-pressure cleaning machines used for local municipal road cleaning are fixed, while the cleaning machines used for distribution cabinets, factory buildings, or supply pipelines are electrified for cleaning;

The high-pressure cleaning machines used for local municipal road cleaning are electrified for cleaning. The pressure of these high-pressure cleaning machines is usually below 100bar, and the power of the cleaning machine is usually below 1000bar. The price range of the cleaning machine is required.

Explanation: The technical parameters on the product page are for reference only, and are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding!

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