On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room

A business with 10 times the return on investment is waiting for you

On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room

Due to the epidemic, it is difficult to run a business, and most industries are deeply affected by the epidemic. It is not easy to find an investment project with a small investment and a large profit. Today, KINGKAR will show you the project of A good business that 90% of workshop owners don’t know, increasing turnover by 10 times!

Do you want to start a new business? Do you have truck or car repair workshops? Do you interested in expanding your customer base? If the answer is yes, then please keep reading!

On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar
On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar

As we all know, after implementing the EURO VI vehicle emission standards, the update of the exhaust emission system will be the top priority of the service. Compared with the EURO V standard, the EURO VI nitrogen oxide and particulate matter limits for heavy vehicles have been reduced by 77% and 67% respectively. What does the 67% reduction in the particulate matter limit mean? It means that the after-treatment system of the engine must be increased, and high-quality automotive urea must be used to make the vehicle exhaust emissions meet the standards. As a crucial part of the exhaust gas after-treatment system of National VI vehicle emission standards, DPF has become an indispensable configuration for trucks.

DPF is a filter that is essentially the same as a machine filter and diesel filter. DPF will also face blockage after long-term use. However, unlike machine filters, which are cheap and easy to replace, the price of DPF is very high. It is absolutely not suitable for replacement if there is no clear damage. It needs to be cleaned and maintained at a professional maintenance shop.

What happens if the DPF is not cleaned in time after it becomes blocked?

Excessive particulate matter will increase the exhaust back pressure and affect the dynamic performance and increase fuel consumption.

When the degree of DPF blockage is high, the in-place regeneration indicator light and the engine malfunction light will come on, and the ECM will limit the engine torque output;

When the DPF is seriously blocked, the regeneration indicator light and the yellow warning light will be on at the same time, and the vehicle speed will be limited to 20KM/h;

On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar
On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar

When the DPF is extremely blocked, the engine fault light, regeneration indicator and yellow warning light will illuminate at the same time, and the engine will shut down after 30 seconds. It is necessary to go to the repair service shop immediately for DPF cleaning and maintenance.

The more serious the DPF blockage, the higher the impact on the vehicle, and even lead to the scrapping of the vehicle after-treatment system and engine!

What should we do after the DPF is blocked?

KINGKAR, as the solution provider of the EURO VI vehicle emission system, effectively solves the problem of DPF blockage for the majority of users. After years of dedicated research and development and several tests and improvements, the KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine was finally launched, which can effectively remove impurities such as particulate matter, ash, sludge, and other impurities retained by DPF. On the premise of not damaging the DPF system, the DPF state is efficiently restored. The truck owner no longer needs to replace the expensive DPF system, and no longer has to worry about the shortened service life of the vehicle, helping you save money, and time and ease your anxiety!

KINGKAR DPF the cleaning machine and cleaning solution are all derived from KINGKAR’s patented technology, with various international certifications and invention patents, quality assurance, and the use of wet cleaning technology, high cleaning efficiency, and strong cleaning results. Only 60 mins, DPF 100% cleaning.

On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar
On August 11, welcome to KINGKAR live broadcast room - KingKar

The DPF cleaning market has such a broad prospect and is a new business with a high return on investment! Want to know more about DPF’s expertise and business model? Come to see KINGKAR Facebook Live broadcast on August 11 to find out! More amazing gifts are waiting for you in the live broadcast room!

We will give you the following benefits:

Buy Kingkar DPF machines, choose 1 of the following benefits:

Benefit 1:

Send 24 bottles of cleaner agent

2 pieces of large roll-ups + 10 pieces of small roll-ups

3 units of filter bags;

Benefit 2: get $200 off

Confirmed order:

No.1 customer: get a Chinese tea

No.2 customer: get a copy of the LEGO

No.3 to No.XXX: get a Chinese-style U disk

PS: All gifts will be shipped with the machine together.

What are you waiting for? 

On August 11, remember to come to the KINGKAR live broadcast room to explore the mystery together!

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