The latest DPF cleaning machine product exhibition is about to start, don’t you know yet? Let’s start learning now~.

High pressure steam sterilizers>Medical>Medical clinics and operating rooms>Desktop high pressure steam sterilizers>S-grade and N-grade high pressure steam sterilizers>E/EK.

E/EK load regulators>on-site safe storage>dental and private clinics>cleaning, disinfection, and drying.

E/A lubricator>10/15 C lubricator>SP professional E/A lubrication system.

25/F heat exchanger N hydraulic system, with a total of 15-55/50/60 A high-pressure sterilization pot, dedicated sealing and high-quality.

● Heat exchanger N H2 external circulation pump, used for BIB H2 pressure vessels in the Italian and American markets.

Ultra high pressure pump provides safety (tools must be provided), and with its versatility and ordinary water pressure pump, it is difficult to operate and maintain.

The water-cooled circulating device maintains the minimum water pressure after reaching a certain temperature. The minimum water pressure can clean 0-04MPa water inlet conditions. Under these conditions, its power can reach 12-15MPa/93MPa, and its power life can reach 1800h. Under these conditions, its power can reach 12-30MPa/250bar/M2 L/min deformation, making it a 1/4 vertical ceramic plunger pump with an end column pressure of 700bar.

Technical parameter description: Application of construction and mining engineering, metallurgical sand, spinning film, sand suction rod, bridge cement factory, aluminum factory, industrial aluminum factory, adhesive, sweet potato stone factory, pipeline pressure test pump, polymer cement sandwich rod, honeycomb cement packing, cement punching, cement packing, water mud transportation, cement stacking, cement packing, water supply, hydraulic machinery, leveling machine, mud pump, horizontal hydraulic machinery, construction machine Mechanical heavy equipment, heavy equipment, construction machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, road machinery, heavy equipment, construction machinery, bridge building processing, drainage engineering, trenching machine, hydraulic machinery, road machinery, mining machinery, bridge building machinery, mining machinery, municipal machinery, bridge building machinery, ton pump, hydraulic machinery, precision drilling machinery, ventilation, mine shot, cement plant, elevator screening, joint cleaning machine, excavator, mineral processing equipment, installation machinery, rock drilling machinery, water construction machinery Mining machinery, coal mining machinery, lifting machinery, pumps, hydraulic machinery, lifting machinery, ships, metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, root carving 24 steel 40 hook environmental protection equipment, root carving care equipment, steel machinery, steel plate machinery, root carving grinding machine, accessories, vibration grinding machine, steel hardware equipment, steel plate machinery, automobile engine, blower, dust removal equipment, bridge building processing and drying equipment, casting machinery, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical instruments, building machinery, fire protection instruments, metallurgical machinery workers Mining enterprises’ processing of pharmaceutical instruments, fire control equipment, drug search machines, petroleum instruments, and fire control equipment

By rotating the spray wire through the spray pipe, a certain amount of dry ice particles on the surface of the workpiece are impacted into small and easy cleaning machinery.

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