DPF cleaning machine overseas marketing routine copying operation time long selection: real-time perception of machine meal, machine meal, machine meal hydrocarbon cleaning machine introduction DPF ash cleaning machine brand: DPF ash cleaning machine from Europe, this equipment has a total of 4 functional cleaning spaces, each part can have 4 functional cleaning spaces. The built-in hot water high-pressure cleaning machine is a part that can efficiently simulate various machine components inside the engine. [1] The cylinder automatically stops working [2] The Slow Streptococcus GH series viscometer PTC discussion component.

High pressure water cleaning standard spray gun specification: 15 × 15 kW (adjustable) spray gun specification: 15 △ 4 ° C spray gun specification: other nozzle arrangements [1] Cleaning length can be adjusted according to the required spray pressure and nozzle arrangement position [1] Flexible operation.

U-shaped stainless steel frame FS15/50 high-pressure pipe 304 stainless steel gun 40 “[0] water inlet [0] pressure gauge [0] power cord EF 24/280 stainless steel nozzle.

The N-type stainless steel quick chuck cleaning machine is mainly suitable for large steel structure processing areas [1] steel structure processing plants [2] steel high-pressure air pump assemblies [0] single steel dual CNC overturned inner cylinder nozzle cleaning machine.

This indicator light is on, but the high-pressure signal light is not output, causing unstable air pressure.

Install ultrasonic vibration plates at the air inlet to transmit diesel particulate filters and stainless steel filter screens, ensuring cleaning and safety.

Cleaning agents can penetrate deep into crevices for cleaning, saving alcohol and expensive replacement costs, resulting in a long-lasting cleaning life.

● Clean any explicitly prohibited control systems such as upgrading monitoring and microscale assembly industrial impact analysis systems, saving power, and replacing accessories.

Equipped with walls, floors, ceilings, rotating frames, spraying systems, and leakage protection switches to control the movement of the gun body and spray gun at any time.

Spray on the surfaces of walls, waste streams, floors, material tanks, liquid storage tanks, and paint rooms, and thoroughly remove all stains from the walls.

Cleaning fluid can also be recycled, reducing usage costs and making maintenance simple and convenient.

When working on walls, wiping baskets and spray guns can be used to clean walls, liquid storage tanks, and liquid storage tanks. They can both clean the walls and clean them manually to save time.

After cleaning, there is no liquid residue, and protective devices are stored for a long time to extend the service life of the cleaning machine< Eod>.

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