Going crazy with KINGKAR

In China, every Thursday, the mysterious power of Crazy Thursday Literature swept through the group chats and various social platforms. “Anyone invited me to eat KFC? Transfer me 50 yuan please!”If you ask me what’s going on here? That is the Crazy Thursday of KFC! It is a special promotion day for KFC!

Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar
Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar

On last ordinary Crazy Thursday, extraordinary things happened. It turned out that the staff of Kingkar organized a live broadcast on FACEBOOK! KFC is going crazy on Thursday! Kingkar is also going crazy! This live broadcast has a variety of styles. It not only introduces a lot of professional knowledge about DPF cleaning, but also gives you discount on the price. There are more surprises and gifts in the live broadcast room! Such an exciting moment, let us review it together!

Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar
Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar

How much do you know about Kingkar?

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a professional engaged in the Car Maintenance industry of high-tech enterprises.

The company has a wholly-owned factory integrating R&D and production with an area of 100000 square meters. With its advanced technology and professional pre-sales service and meticulous after-sales service, it has provided its machines to more than 60 countries.

What is DPF? What happens if the DPF is not cleaned?

DPF is a filter that is essentially the same as a machine filter and diesel filter. DPF will also face blockage after long-term use.

If you want to save money by not cleaning the DPF, then maybe you will spend more to repair or replace the DPF in the future.

What are the requirements for installing DPF cleaning machine?

No installation is required, only need workshop has an air compressor and connects the power supply, water pipe, and air compressor.

What about Kingkar’s Warranty?

1. To be sent with the machine, the full sets of easily broken parts and accessories would be packed together.

2. All the machines are with a 2-year warranty, and all the spare parts are offered for free during the warranty period.

3. Professional service team would offer online service of machine testing, maintenance, replacement of new part, etc.

4. There would be a USB flash disk with all the maintenance video inside, to be sent with the machine and operation manual.

What support is provided?

you will get the following support:

1. Operational Facebook guidance, such as helping you to build a Facebook page to promote your DPF cleaning service.

2. Promotional materials, such as banners and flyers.

3. One-to-one technical training and after-sell service, only KINGKAR can guarantee this kind of service!

4. With business develop solutions according to your situation.

What should I do if there are fewer customers?

1. Talk to your local transport companies and contract their cleaning services.

2. Cooperate with the existing local maintenance workshops to gather their customer resources.

3. Expand publicity and promotion on the Internet, and receive cleaning services nationwide.

4. KINGKAR will also forward the local customer to you.

How much does the DPF cleaning service cost?

Usually, our customers can charge US$200-600 per unit, the bigger DPF you clean, the higher profits you can get. You can set a charge basis on your local market charges.

Start business earlier, then make money earlier. After the workshop has established a reputation in the local area, The turnover of the workshop will naturally increase.

If you want to know more about KINGKAR, please contact us, our staff can hold a one-on-one video conference with you, and introduce our company and factory to you professionally!

Crazy Thursday has become the symbol of KFC, and Kingkar is also determined to let people all over the world think of Kingkar when it comes to cleaning DPF!

Do you want to become the most famous enterprise in the DPF cleaning industry with Kingkar?

What are you waiting for? Join us! Come start a new business, Let’s make money together!

Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar
Going crazy with KINGKAR - KingKar

PS: Confirmed order, We will give you the following benefits:

Buy Kingkar DPF machines, there will be 2 benefits waiting for you :

Benefit 1:

24 bottles of cleaner agent for free

1 pieces of large roller banners + 10 pieces of small banners

2 units of filter bags;

Benefit 2: get $200 off of the whole order

Besides, every customer can get a Chinese-style USB flash disk once confirmed the order. It can also engrave your name on the surface. And all gifts will be shipped with the machine together.

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