In addition to commonly used ones, you also need to know these DPF cleaning machine models.

In recent years, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machines has become increasingly common and popular in industry. Due to their ability to achieve better cleaning quality, ultrasonic cleaning machines have become increasingly popular in various industrial fields. Below, the editor will take you to understand the functional types of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Due to the ability of ultrasonic energy to penetrate fine gaps and small holes, it can be applied to the cleaning of any component or assembly. When the cleaned part is a precision component or assembly, ultrasonic cleaning often becomes the only cleaning method that can meet its special technical requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning is much faster than conventional cleaning methods in dust and scale removal of workpieces. The assembly parts can be cleaned without disassembly. The advantage of ultrasonic cleaning, which can save a lot of labor, often makes it the most economical cleaning method and brings great convenience to users.

Structure composition of the Blue Clear Optical System Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: The Blue Clear Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine mainly consists of an ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibration plate, heater, liquid level controller, PLC, mechanical arm, frame, etc.

When the cleaning solution is too dirty, it should be treated in a timely manner. Regularly clean the dirt in the cleaning tank and storage tank, maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning tank and its appearance, and improve the durability of the cleaning tank. The electrical control box and equipment vents should be kept away from water vapor, corrosive gases, and dust, and compressed air should be regularly used to clean the attached dust.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine emits a howling sound. The high-pressure cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer. When the ultrasonic transducer switch is loosened by the transducer’s adsorbed object and the car’s plastic connection line, the multi-functional ultrasonic cleaning machine will generate great impact force and increase the amount of dirt on the surface of the cleaned object,

The most commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machines in industry are 25KHz, 28KHz, 30KHz, 40KHz, and 50KHz.

Whether the cleaning object is large or small, simple or complex, single piece or batch, or on an automatic ultrasonic assembly line, using ultrasonic cleaning can achieve unparalleled and uniform cleanliness compared to manual cleaning< Eod>.

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