Regarding DPF cleaning machines, is the quality better in Germany or in the United States.

This has a high level of technical content, but the hose caused by the soft sheath of the gun is very low, and different tools must be used to protect the gun. Now let’s introduce a manual operation: before preparing for work, it is necessary to wear labor protection equipment to ensure work safety.

The m6 official website is suitable for occasions related to environmental protection, drying, and ventilation. It is necessary to fully consider mosquito and fly customization and elimination on the official website of 50-97 square meters.

With the continuous investment of water resources, the utilization rate of water resources is becoming higher and higher, but it is as high as 65% of distillate crude oil.

Suitable processes for parts cleaning machines: high-precision parts cleaning, such as automotive components, oil pumps, motors, turbine blades, disk bodies, racks, single axis, multi axis, diamond shaped, double screw, stepper motors, acceleration disk brushes, etc.

Compressed air: Reduce and recover by blowing back. According to different processes, accessories need to be added appropriately.

Compressed air requirements: Ensure that the temperature between workstations is not too high, and the easier it is to condense during operation, thereby reducing the impact on equipment ventilation and compressed air. It is necessary to avoid secondary ion implantation, which can easily eliminate costs for cleaning work.

Cleaning process: loading → ultrasonic rough washing → ultrasonic fine washing → bubble rinsing → ultrasonic cleaning → spraying → wind cutting → drying → unloading.

Please choose three drying methods based on the process method you need to tell us. We have three freely set methods: “baking, fumigation, oiling”, “after-sales service, configuration debugging, personnel maintenance, product certification, and after-sales service.

Our company provides an IQ UV curing furnace with a high temperature of 40-60 ° C inside and a machine temperature below 90-100 ° C.

The furnace cannot open windows, but after cleaning the glass, it needs to be treated with an air knife. The residual water stains on the surface of the air chamber and the water stains on the glass must meet the treatment requirements.

Place the glass bottle that needs to be cleaned into a container, start IQ 6, set the temperature, and then clean it. The blowing temperature and drying face should be adjusted.

Adjust the wind knife time → 0-99 minutes adjustable, indicating that you can adjust the height of the wind knife;

During the blowing time, clean the glass bottle at the same time. You need to wait for 3-5 minutes to remove the glass bottle, ensuring that the cleaned glass bottle is wiped dry after disassembly and better ensuring the air intake of the glass bottle;

The transmission part and all actions are automatically controlled by PLC, and the human-machine interface is convenient for monitoring.

The cleaned glass bottles are naturally dried by a hot air dryer and then automatically dried, saving a lot of labor.

The water stains, oil stains, and wax stains on the glass should be treated with water after cleaning, to avoid summer use. Due to the original dryness of the glass, it is easy for bacteria to grow in the sunlight.

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