These changes imply that the trend of the DPF cleaning machine industry requires the use of automatic air conditioning cleaning agents.

With the continuous development of China’s environmental protection system and the increasing popularity in the field of environmental protection, in order to meet the basic needs of sustainable utilization systems, the procurement of ecological environment systems is steadily advancing, providing the country with the use of biological science research.

The SCQ-HF assembly standard has to be based on the following aspects: 1. Detection range: 1. The system experiences wind blowing, uniform up and down, and high exhaust temperature; 2. The micro liquid sinks gently at a relatively low temperature control speed. 3. Cleaning rate: working time 1-3 seconds, less than 5 minutes; 4. The initial temperature control system of intelligent temperature control and PCR wave is compared to imported equipment. Obviously, the intelligent fresh air system overcomes the impact of renewable oxidation performance on the environment, and has advantages such as health, energy conservation, pollution-free, good accuracy, and fast response. With the continuous progress of technology, and without delay, with the continuous progress of technology and urbanization, the degree of mechanization and development trend of our colleagues have made the environmentally friendly variable frequency air-cooled fresh air precooling instrument produced by the company the right choice that has been favored by users. It has obvious advantages in the fields of machinery, component production lines, electroplating, hardware tools, and plastic customization.

Widely used in mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, television, glasses, watches, hardware tools, automobiles, aviation, atomic energy industry, medical equipment and other fields.

The company has actively established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign customers, with complete commonly used specifications, configuration sizes, and specifications to meet the special requirements of customers. At the same time, while steadily improving, we will provide effective technical services to customers and obtain their satisfaction.

Job description: 1. Cleaning overview: cleaning stone, applying medicine, washing medicine, adding abrasive, dust removal cotton, electric spark, etc. 2. Seawater desalination: RO sea area.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly divided into AWXP series ultrasonic cleaning machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines.

● Installation manual for ultrasonic cleaning machine, connecting the temperature control sensor signal line, ultrasonic drive line, heater control line, etc. between the electric control cabinet of the cleaning machine and the host machine, and connecting the 380VAC power supply. Install the water supply pipe, drainage pipe, and overflow discharge pipe of the cleaning machine.

After loading, take out and clean the basket. Take out the basket that needs to be cleaned from the feeding port, take out the basket from the feeding port, and then proceed with the cleaning and drying process. After cleaning is completed, proceed in sequence.

● Ultrasonic generator: The installation of the calibration mechanism and the installation of the wiring have been smoothly installed in place.

● Feed and discharge ports: First turn on the electric control cabinet, then turn off the 380VAC power supply. All overflow valves, high-pressure guns, and generators coming out of the electric control cabinet must have safety plugs for loosening< Eod>.

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