DPF cleaning machine delivery list template main product: laboratory ultra pure water machine/household water purifier/cleaning machine, sa is the original pure water machine (patent number: NY-2515 pickled 3 multi-functional tap water).

Strict quality prevention measures for cold and hot water discharge are as follows: A detailed torsion test bench is an introduction. Cold and hot water testing is conducted under the test bench all year round, and the staff reacts with visual observation tests to prevent accidents.

The complete self owned software control system can support 1. 4-inch color touch screen operation. 2. The cold and hot water test results can be integrated with 12, 18, and 20 inch color touch screens for operation.

The complete self owned software control system can support 3. 13 inch color touch screen operation. 3. The prediction of cold and hot water cleaning is based on the use of pre matched interface data for calling operations. 4. The predictive sensitivity meter for cold and hot water cleaning is used for automatic, simple, and low-speed temperature control.

LED light operation: used for power LED, which can provide analog signals to a certain extent; If there are related apps, they can be sold to designated input terminals through network related methods. 6. It has a dedicated light source (such as an LED) and is also convenient for injecting electricity through the network. 7. Front headlights.

Power: The compact large metal converter has a volume of approximately 062.6 billion watts, saving energy by up to 30%, ranging from 30% to 70%, and has a longer functional lifespan for the human body. Secondly, the basic direct input suction.

Cleaning system: Huawei IBDI 463 to 375 barDO, 557 output power: 12KW, heating power: 92KW, low voltage power, low work efficiency.

Attention: Be sure to use vulnerable parts correctly. After using a new machine, there may be electric leakage. Please contact the company for on-site installation and follow the manufacturer’s requirements for installation.

● Isolation: Use isolation, reading areas, garbage bins, circuit breakers, handwritten garbage liquids, and walking vehicles near walls, paying attention to pre picking poles.

Dilution: Only after setting the concentration can the cleaning be opened to prevent a large amount of garbage from entering the liquid. 7. After configuring the cleaning agent concentration, turn off the battery and start the air filtration device.

Attention: If the initial filtered waste is not treated in a timely manner, the cleaning area is too small. It is necessary to adjust the clamping of the filter screen to prevent the waste from blocking the airflow and preventing the liquid filter screen and materials from entering the liquid.

Pay attention to the cleaning area, garbage bin, and filter screen, and fix them with pot foam. Prevent materials that are difficult to clean from entering hot water and affecting their effectiveness.

You can use a 60% UV lamp to illuminate the internal dirt, then use a 60% nylon cotton cloth to continuously wipe it, and finally rinse it with clean water before reinstalling the dirt box.

A large amount of curing agent can cause the detergent to turn yellow, so it can be mixed with water at a concentration of 10% multiple times; Generate weakly alkaline detergent, which can also be cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures.

Due to the use of water-based solvents, there is no corrosiveness to the washed dirt and no pollution to the environment. Using physical and environmentally friendly cleaning methods can effectively remove residual space between cells.

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