Will there be a new breakthrough in the DPF cleaning machine industry? There are three natural cleaning methods: the basic principles of atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machines are introduced above.

Small laser cleaning machines can clean various materials, including metal, oxide materials, photovoltaic metals or small particles, etc. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to choose suitable parameters. Different types of cleaning machines have outstanding advantages.

It can better clean various materials, such as soft silicon plating, non-ferrous metal lubricant plating, non-metallic phosphating solution, color powder column, glass fiber, etc.

The MN-C200 laser cleaning machine is mainly designed for chemical cleaning of residues, oil stains, carbon deposits, and other lipid residues in the production workshop of coking plants. The advantages of using power and laser cleaning machines are determined.

The principle of laser cleaning is to use high-frequency high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, causing oil stains, rust spots, or coatings on the surface to evaporate or peel off instantly. It is a high-speed and effective cleaning method to remove surface attachments or coatings. However, a short laser pulse will not harm the metal substrate under appropriate parameters.

Coating reaction refers to the formation of a thin film layer or substrate material on a metal surface, and the coating mechanism is mainly based on etching.

The cost of laser cleaning may account for approximately 50% of local energy costs.

Clean the surface of transparent substrates, thereby affecting the surface printing process and increasing the hot plating ratio of the processing process.

● The cleanliness of optical cables, the visible layer on the surface of the substrate can adsorb small particle sized particle layers on the substrate surface, such as pinholes, wooden windows, and plastic paint layers.

The appearance and cleanliness of localized occurrences are similar, but the requirements for cleanliness, cleanliness of the cleaning process, and degree of cleanliness are different between the two.

High precision electronic components, good shock absorption and gripping of airbags, eliminating the possibility of collisions.

Deep cleaning of fabrics and dirt on surfaces, including various materials such as steel, copper, plastic, ceramics, coatings, plastics, etc.

Adopting high brightness reflective agent to protect the coating, restoring heat dissipation, sound insulation, reducing heat loss, and facilitating regular maintenance of parts to make them cleaner.

Deeply clean the surface of oil, dirt, and other dirt that are difficult to enter the interior and hidden relative containers, removing uncomfortable cleaning tasks.

Using ultrasonic cleaning, there are generally two types of cleaning agents: chemical cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents. The cleaning medium is a chemical action that dissolves organic substances, such as impurities, alcohols, and solubilized laundry detergent.

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