What are the hazards of SCR blockage to the car

Nowadays, most of the National IV and National V trucks use SCR post-treatment systems. As truck emissions become more and more stringent, everyone gradually has a certain understanding of SCR post-treatment systems. SCR uses urea solution to catalyze the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. However, in the course of use, due to various reasons, urea crystals often occur, ranging from blockage of the urea nozzle to blockage of the entire exhaust pipe and post processor. Once blocked, it is very troublesome to clean up.

What are the hazards of SCR blockage to the car - KingKar
What are the hazards of SCR blockage to the car - KingKar

The blockage of the SCR catalyst will cause poor exhaust of the vehicle, increased back pressure, fuel consumption of the vehicle, reduced power, serious blockage, and spontaneous combustion of the vehicle. Therefore, regular cleaning of the SCR catalyst can achieve the effect of increasing emissions, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning equipment for the after-treatment system (SCR catalyst, DPF particle trap) of National IV and National V vehicles; supporting special plugs will fully clean the carbon deposits, particles and urea crystals of each component to make SCR The components of the system are restored to a good state, so as to achieve the purpose of improving power and reducing exhaust gas.

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