The customs will conduct spot checks and inspections on the import and export goods of DPF cleaning machines, and carefully inspect them to determine the quality control of information and focus on evaluating the keywords. At the same time, relevant inspections will also be conducted on the quality control of information and online quality.

Mechanical testing method: upper and lower glass testing machines and scanning endoscopy inspection. (1) Has good traceability. (2) Good traceability comes from the program bit transmission of goods, which can generate a lot of manpower capacity. Although it is relatively limited and easy to handle, the transmission efficiency is relatively low. This is because there are many manufacturers of glass cleaning machines, and product quality is prone to decline. The price of the gas used for testing is also uneven and may be affected by interference from various manufacturers.

Detection analysis: The characteristic of the direct injection fully automatic bottle washing machine is that it can simultaneously detect the characteristics of glass and processed glass. Whether it is a glass bottle or a clamp, simply place the glass bottle directly on the conveyor rod of the cleaning machine, and then transport it to the pressure testing pump for testing. When the temperature reaches the set pressure, the detection machine will automatically stop. Effectively tested and optimized the effectiveness of the transmission chain. Due to special processing enterprises, there are strict testing methods for various cleaning machines. Due to these tests, its cleaning defects are difficult to evaluate. Due to the high power consumption of such devices, three common methods can be tested simultaneously. You can refer to various cleaning machines and choose the appropriate cleaning method, which is the best choice to improve production efficiency. The latest production technology for diesel particle cleaning machines is coming soon.

The structure of ultrasonic cleaning machines generally includes two forms: ultrasonic power supply and cleaning machine integrated or separated layout, which are generally used for low-power (below 200W) cleaning machines.

The split structure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of three main parts: (1) the cleaning cylinder; (2) Ultrasonic generator; (3) Ultrasonic transducer.

The resonance frequency and impedance of the transducer vary greatly with the depth of the cleaning solution. However, practice has shown that after placing an appropriate amount of cleaning material in the tank.

Generally speaking, due to small changes in cleaning load, complex frequency automatic tracking circuits are not required.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are practical ultrasonic generators, most of which use high-power self-excited feedback oscillators< Eod>.

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