Deep analysis of the two major trends and investment hotspots in the future development of the DPF cleaning machine industry.

Diesel condenser copper pipe dredging machine instrument measurement and detection knob laser cleaning machine is used for your dredging facilities and daily life.

High cleaning quality and good consistency. Whether it is cleaning personnel or cleaning service companies, the establishment of cleaning plans can be customized. Whether it is cleaning personnel’s screws, triggers, or ratchet triggers, they can effectively clean stubborn wires and loose profiles.

Good brand, fully automatic cleaning equipment. Whether it is industrial cleaning, household products, or monitoring cleaning engineering, lasers can be used to remove rust, orange peel, and ineffective stains from clothing, effectively cleaning clothes.

Battery voltage: 220V/50HZ, (ordinary car parts) 28HZ/40KHZ, (special car parts) 17-30KHZ, (special car parts) 14-30KHZ/60KHZ 17-30KHZ.

The power can be adjusted according to different operating conditions. (1) Minimum rotating spray gun rod: 02 Remove the A/O connecting wire wrench;

Industrial washing machine series for factory laundry, flushing plant, underwear machine series, hotel washing machine series, and large-scale washing machine series.

After the installation of the equipment, provide free guidance and training to the designated operators of your company, so that they can master the operation methods of the equipment and carry out regular maintenance.

From the date of equipment acceptance and delivery for use, a one-year free warranty will be provided for the product (including the cost of naturally damaged parts. If the damage is caused by improper operation by your company’s personnel, only the appropriate material fee will be charged after negotiation). After the warranty period expires, our company provides a sexual warranty for the product, only charging an appropriate cost fee and exempting labor costs.

During the warranty period, our company strictly controls and supervises the operation and maintenance techniques presented during use. If there are any objections during the warranty period, it is necessary to propose a replacement machine.

During the warranty period, if the equipment and maintenance personnel are not in use, they should go to the demander’s site for maintenance, and fill in the corresponding notice for other reasons nearby.

After the warranty period, our company brought the on-site person in charge and the project into the company. With the guidance of the guidance personnel, we learned about the required equipment.

After the warranty period, our company will arrange relevant technical personnel to implement the goods and handover project on the buyer’s site, and with the guidance of the commodity inspection personnel, the sender’s management personnel will confirm that the machine has been stopped.

The first time to purchase Shenzhen Tengda electromechanical equipment is to purchase more than 90 air conditioners.

Main performance of the company: The products that were not established for your company are within the warranty period as scheduled, and the equipment has obtained a certificate from the national quality inspection department.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, the company has obtained many certificates for their quality and durability. The quality of our products is immediate. Quality is the essence of clothing, and the portrayal of words depends on quality.

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