DPF cleaning machine professional training course, the use of negative pressure correction radium solder paste, after the 1990s, with the gradual expansion of competition in China’s automotive industry, various types of groove oil mold opening machines appeared in the market. People at gas stations such as kerosene have fully automatic feeding machines, thereby reducing procurement costs for enterprises. A fully automatic feeding machine was used for feeding.

The burner of a car is a furnace mainly used for making car chassis. As the main metal furnace body, it has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, electricity saving, high temperature resistance, and guarantee.

Guoyuan Laser is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of laser cleaning, laser welding, and laser cutting equipment,

Due to the advantages of green, effective, good cleaning effect, and minimal damage to copper foil, laser cleaning of anode plates is receiving unanimous praise from the country.

Laser cleaning is designed for precision cleaning and filling of plastic molds, high-end machine tools, and precision welding seams developed by Jinghai Laser.

Laser cleaning technology refers to the process of using a power density laser beam to irradiate the surface of a workpiece, causing instantaneous evaporation or peeling of dirt, rust spots, or coatings on the surface, thereby achieving cleanliness and purification. Laser cleaning machine is a new type of laser cleaning method that uses a laser beam to clean plastic. It has the ability to clean, contaminate, or enhance the surface, gradually eliminating dirt on the metal itself, reducing the adhesion of non-ferrous metals on its surface, and eliminating loose static electricity. It is the most ideal cleaning tool.

Laser cleaning is aimed at cleaning metal surfaces, easily removing oil stains, rust, coatings, paint, plastic residues, and delamination on metal surfaces.

Copper accessories restore a particularly smooth metal surface, making the entire surface brighter while avoiding minor cutting caused by mechanical wear.

Laser cleaning can also be used to clean metal surfaces such as grease, oil stains, welding slag, etc. in the cable and automotive industries, and cleaning can be carried out simultaneously.

In the medical industry, cleaning of medical devices, food, optics, containers, and production products can also be used to clean medical devices, surgical instruments, glassware, etc.

The laser cleaning machine utilizes a high power range of 105nm to generate an oscillating plasma, which cleans the surface of the cleaned product through built-in vibrations.

So, laser cleaning machine manufacturers recommend laser cleaning machines and robotic hand cleaning machines, and the cleaning effect is very ideal< Eod>.

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