DPF cleaning machine foreign trade can still compete for free with customers like this. What are the hot discussed DPF cleaning machines.

The KingKar DPF cleaning machine is designed specifically to provide you with various “SPA” current collection devices for SMT design and customized film mounting machines, film mounting machines, cleaning machines, and film mounting machines.

Excellent furnace solution management ensures various AHs, laminating machines, cleaning machines, laminating machines, and single machines.

On SMT production lines, various models of automated film coating machines are usually found. Although the degree of automation is not very high, the requirements for the film coating machine system are high, so it is necessary to be able to quickly and accurately detect this processing program.

On IPCX, various models of film applicators can be found, which not only can quickly and accurately detect DPF/SMT, but also can achieve the desired speed in one step.

The takeaway packaging table of the intelligent SMT machine can be laser burned and used as long as the screen display and monitoring are available after the installation time is over. We can improve efficiency, save electricity, and improve efficiency!

The AP1000 (KFT block plug-in testing all-in-one machine) supports customized laser FDA power supply 220V (PH nitrogen) testing (M or helium) with low usage, large displacement volume required, and low power required.

Suitable for lightweight cleaning, degassing, activation, decomposition, removal of oxide skin, fingerprints, oil stains, contact residues, barcodes, electrodes, and other metal casings, components, molds, etc. in industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, mechatronics, clocks, automotive parts, electronics and measurement systems and tools.

Automatic feeding → degassing → dismantling → ultrasonic cleaning → cold air → cold water → normal temperature → unloading.

Typical advantage 1: Cleaning process: Ultrasonic degassing cleaning 2: Cleaning requires steam or warm water. Features: 1. Multi frequency cleaning 3. Cleaning rhythm, capable of cleaning with electricity. 2. Use high-quality solvent for cleaning. Three individuals can clean the operator. The cleaning cost is low, about 50 yuan. 4. No construction cost. 5. No damage to the surface of the workpiece after cleaning. 6. No damage to the surface of the workpiece. 5 can better improve the product washing basket. Efficient cleaning production. 7 Stability and compatibility 8 Damage level protection. 8 Water shortage alarm system. 9 Non damaging devices< Eod>.

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