Which DPF cleaning machine is the best to use? A large garage separate cleaning machine with multiple special purposes. The usage method is m-4T/h aqueous solution, and a brief description of the special purpose.

German original imported sandblasting machine, sandblasting and rust removal, German imported pressure regulating valve, 50 pressure regulating valve, chassis body, belt type cylinder head, 5-6 ′ ′ 2515 ′ plate/cylinder, 2 adjustable shafts, 3 high-precision one-way valves, 3 stainless steel or less covers, water pump, 4 high-precision motors, heater, aluminum casing, etc.

Cleaning scope: automotive components, mechanical equipment, hardware components, bearing accessories, signs, machine casings, watch straps, spectacle frames, surgical instruments, hardware fixtures, switches.

Easy to operate: cleaning machine, four slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, spray cleaning machine, conveyor belt, wheel hub, etc.

No damage to the surface of the workpiece: The inner and outer grooves of the cleaning tool are made of 304 stainless steel, and the frame and various frames are made of high-quality 316 stainless steel, equipped with thickened stainless steel grooves, buckles, and other components.

Each tank can be equipped with a circulating filtration system, equipped with a heat recovery system, heating system, and fan conduction to achieve heating and automatic constant temperature.

Operators should pay attention to: 1. Before proficiently mastering the need to test and clean the leaking tire, the operator should fill in the valid information and determine whether there are any foreign objects; 2. The staff are not satisfied with the vulnerable parts. Due to the need for external cleaning of the workpieces, residual liquid on the basket must be disposed of in a timely manner; 3. The external cleaning machine should use a fan, as the temperature is too high to work and improve production efficiency; 4. The following precautions should be taken when cleaning utensils and washing machines: 1. Cleaning glass: First, clean the dirt on the glass, and then make a detailed magnifying glass as needed to analyze the details of cleaning; 2. Inside the cleaning company: including hot water and cleaning machines, radiators, air circulation parts, and detachable parts. Due to the polymer material structure design on the glass, the temperature at the outlet is different from that of the glass transfer and corners, and during evaporation and delivery, the glass is very difficult to cool; 3. Glass cleaning machine: used for counting workers, rainwater, porcelain baking, and other glass deep processing purposes; 4. After the operation is completed, the holes in the glass should be cleaned and treated for leakage prevention; 5. Prepare a knife for the cutting section, place the glass on top of it, and then cut off the electric spark point until it is smooth as new; 6. Disc saw, it is not random processing, metal chips, etc; 7. Inside the compressed air pipe,

The principle of glass cleaning machine: Glass cleaning machine is a secondary processing device for glass, which solves some problems caused by glass processing. Glass cleaning machines are used for counting workers, using water, and cleaning, which are divided into two categories: splitting, cleaning, and no cross contamination, solving the problem of processing pyrolysis. 1. The principle of a glass cleaning machine: A glass cleaning machine uses a high-speed ultrasonic rotating cutter to peel off various dirt on the glass surface, and then uses an air knife short hot air knife short air knife to blow off the dirt on the glass surface. Using the blowing principle, it produces a drying effect on the glass.

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