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DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure

As we all know, every diesel cars and trucks has DPF, the full name is Diesel particular filter. Diesel particulate filter is a device that prevents harmful substances produced by diesel engines from entering the atmosphere. As environmental protection policies become more and more stringent, DPF has become an essential equipment. Due to the high technical content and high cost of the DPF, how to properly use and maintain the DPF is a matter that must be paid attention to by the car owners.

In fact, the function of DPF is equivalent to a filter, which can intercept various particulate matter in engine exhaust. However, as the amount of intercepted particulate matter increases, the DPF will also be blocked by carbon particles, resulting in an increase in engine exhaust back pressure and a decrease in power and economy.

DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar
DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar

As time goes by, ash species in the DPF build up and take up the space that was previously used to capture carbon particles. Since active regeneration cannot clean these substances, other cleaning methods are required. KINGKAR DPF cleaning machine is used to clean the DPF blockage and wash the DPF with high-pressure water to wash away the carbon particles. After you drive for a long time, you need to wash DPF, otherwise, it will be noisy, speed up slow and high fuel consumption. The worst result is you have to change to a new DPF, that’s a much higher cost than doing cleaning for your DPF.

KINGKAR is a company specializing in DPF cleaning machines. In the live broadcast of KINGKAR this Friday, KINGKAR will introduce the appearance, control system, and unique technology of the DPF6.0 machine, such as air purging (it uses high-pressure air purging warm water with cleaner agent alternately work), the wave surging technology.

If you are interested in DPF 6.0 now, I will show you briefly its working process:

Simply, it is water flushing and high-pressure purging alternate work.

The high-pressure air in the high-pressure gas storage tank is released instantaneously. Using the top water of the air, the compressed water is generated to generate potential energy, and the blockage inside the honeycomb carrier is pushed out instantly.

After the circulating water is flushed, the bottom of the DPF and the honeycomb mesh are filled with water.

The high-pressure gas in the high-pressure air storage tank is instantly released, and the water under pressure by the high-pressure air will instantly push out the hydrogen sulfate and ammonia bicarbonate composite blockage adsorbed inside the honeycomb mesh.

This process will cycling several times. So that can remove all the blockage out from filter. It can reach nearly 100% cleaning efficiently.

DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar
DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar
DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar
DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar

And here are some advantages of KINGKAR DPF6.0 :

  • 1 machine for all types of DPFs
  • 10 years of technology R&D
  • 12 safety devices on the machine
  • 21 years of marketing experience
  • 60 minutes cleaning one DPF
  • The unique technologies—-Water flushing and high-pressure air purging process alternately
  • PLC control system—-Automatic cleaning process, one key start.
  • One machine completes operation—-Easy operation, safety, saving time and labor.
  • Multifunctional work tray—-can clean all sizes of D PF, DOC, and SCR.
  • 10-micron high-density carbon ash filtering device—-Can be reusable after washing

More secrets about the DPF6.0 machine were revealed in the KINGKAR live broadcast room on Friday, During the live broadcast, the staff will introduce the DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure in detail. You can also invite your friends or your family members, or your customers to come to KINGKAR’s broadcast room, then they can know the cleaning effect well and will have more trust in your workshop.

If you place an order in the live room, we also have some gifts for you, please follow our FACEBOOK, the gift can send to you with the machine.

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Welcome to KINGKAR’s live broadcast room this FRIDAY!

Live broadcast time: GMT+8  9:00-11:00 AM, 2nd, Sept (this Friday), 2022

Live broadcast link:https://www.facebook.com/events/419300453407342

DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar
DPF6.0 cleaning process and structure - KingKar

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