The five highlights of the latest development in the DPF cleaning machine industry are due to the intelligent automatic water inlet and automatic dosing functions of the DPF ash cleaning machine, which can automatically add drugs without the use of any hygienic sanitary water. It has a safer and more durable data display, can automatically add drugs, and does not require the installation of data detection systems in various workplaces, resulting in more reliable and stable data detection. In summary, the plasma surface treatment system of DPF is a product with intelligent automatic water inlet and dosing function, which can automatically add drugs without the need for additional automatic dosing or worry about unbalanced operation of electronic products. It is more in line with relevant certifications and information. How to choose a diesel particulate filter.

Plasma surface cleaning machine utilizes energy conversion technology to convert electrical energy to zero under a certain vacuum and negative pressure state.

◆ Craft glass panel: Exquisitely colored PVC panel with four different display methods: red, green, and unique. It can simultaneously display three different display points, including sample grade reaction, quasi discharge, etc. Commonly used indication numbers are: 1W ± 15%, 20 ° C-70 ° C.

Infrared filters are generally cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machines and centrifugal cleaning machines before coating. However, to obtain an ultra clean substrate surface, further plasma surface treatment equipment is needed to remove organic residues on the substrate surface that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Plasma surface treatment equipment can also activate and etch the substrate surface to improve coating quality and yield.

Filter cleaning and various chemical surface treatment processes, such as degassing, vacuum cleaning, sputtering, rotary cleaning, vacuum cleaning, “method” diagrams, etc. These methods are similar and have different effects on the acoustic cleaning used by ultrasonic cleaning machines. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning machines should also choose ultrasonic cleaning machines that are easily connected to sound insulation waves. Because the combination of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and ultrasonic vibration plates uses stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machines and ultrasonic vibration plate cleaning fluids, the cleaning effect is clean.

Cleaning purpose: A split structure is adopted, and a high-frequency connection with a socket is used between the vibration plate and the ultrasonic generator, making it easy to use and maintain.

Analysis based on application: By using instruments with strong ultrasonic waves to generate countless small bubbles in the liquid, this cleaning method can achieve a certain cleaning effect on the surface.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines with low carrying capacity can also be used for continuous cleaning operations, saving time and effort.

In addition to commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machines, you also need to understand these cleaning ultrasonic cleaning machines.

When choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, we need to consider multiple factors in order to successfully complete the selection< Eod>.

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