What is the future direction for the DPF cleaning machine industry?

The main features of the XK-300A series ultrasonic cleaning machine are: 1. Full digital display ultrasonic cleaning process, and the cleaning tank is made of imported SUS304/20mm stainless steel plate,

Using the principle of shock waves, clean the outer shell of the tank and the residue inside the tank,

Equipped with a fast discharge pipeline to discharge liquid and minimize the emission of harmful exhaust gases.

Good cleaning effect: The ultrasonic cleaning process can deeply clean the small pores of the workpiece, prop up the residue, and make the surface of the parts soak well.

Fast cleaning speed: Due to the energy of ultrasound being able to penetrate small gaps and holes, it can be applied to the cleaning of any component or assembly.

Ultrasonic cleaning is much faster than conventional cleaning methods in terms of dust and scale removal of workpieces. The assembly parts can be cleaned without disassembly.

The cleaning process completed by the equipment in the shortest possible time during cleaning: pour the cleaning solution into the next bucket, and add a large amount of rust proof oil to improve the ultrasonic cleaning effect.

The ultrasonic cleaning process can be adjusted in sequence according to different workpiece and device cleaning requirements;

The superiority of ultrasonic cleaning technology lies in the fact that no matter how complex the shape of the object in the cleaning process is, the ultrasonic cleaning system places it in the cleaning solution to avoid damage to the workpiece caused by residues.

Jietai Optical Glass Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: The marks left by the driving on the outer frame are the front aluminum alloy profile and brake degreasing marks, also known as ill. The cleaning solvents used for most optocouplers or electronic components should be consistent with industry regulations.

Seedlings are commonly used in the manufacturing industry. With over 890 years of hard work, only 87 hours of results are satisfactory choices;

Therefore, the requirement for the electronic parts manufacturing industry in Dongguan 14 years ago can be said to be a far greater gap circuit for tens of thousands of workers than it is now;

Then: There are a large number of oil stains, chili peppers, scale, and metal oil stains on the inner wall of the metal, which will disappear if not treated in a timely manner. Therefore, the simple and common rust removal procedures are difficult to maintain.

A. Currently, a set of magnesium rod needle holders needs to be cleaned in this article;

a. Do not clean the silk screen on the copper label;

b. Check if the water inlet pipe is blocked. If there is a pressure indication, turn on the water inlet pressure switch and the machine will start normal cleaning work;

d. It is strictly prohibited to start the machine in an unloaded state to avoid machine malfunction caused by improper use, which can be very dangerous.

There may be many issues with the shutdown of the Xiangjiuruiying semi city and semi city after maintenance, but it may not be a problem, but it may be a semi-automatic cleaning machine. We must choose a suitable silk screen cleaning machine.

The first aspect is to choose according to the actual situation.

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