The classification of DPF cleaning machine dimensions: Is there a 4663 Kang factory SAP particle cleaning machine? It mainly consists of a water discharge device, a homogenizer blade, a particle introduction component, and multiple transmission processes including selection, cleaning, and drying. The cleaning process is basically completed by a combination of manual feeding, ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, air knife cutting water, and hot air drying, completely solving the problem of enterprises with high efficiency and good cleaning quality, Greatly meeting the batch production capacity of the factory. The SMC cleaning machine 50W-50W is a high cost effective flat plate cleaning machine that adopts Z low voltage control, with an adjustable time control range of 3 to 30 minutes. According to the conveying method of the cleaning object, it can be divided into spray type, immersion type, electrophoresis type, etc., with a conversion efficiency of over 90%. The key to cleaning is the automatic vacuum pumping, rinsing, and drying of the cleaning solution storage tank, as well as the organic combination of cleaning solution heating and automatic air drying devices. The combination of large areas reduces cleaning costs.

What is the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines from Foshan ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer? Is the usage of ultrasonic cleaning machines good? Why are ultrasonic cleaning machines so popular? Ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency.

The difference in ultrasonic frequency: The frequency of low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines is generally between 20-50KHZ, while the frequency of high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines is generally between 50-200KHZ; The most commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machine in industry has a low frequency of 20/25/2.

Application scope: Cleaning of electroplating parts before and after plating, oil and wax removal of hardware parts, cleaning of clocks, electronic parts, jewelry, optical lenses, machinery, molds, spinneret filters, etc. Image 14jpg Image 15jpg Applicable industry: 1.

People originally used ultrasonic cleaning machines for convenience, but what is the reason why ultrasonic cleaning is not clean? 1. Incorrect selection of cleaning agent: For different objects, the cleaning agent must be selected correctly. For example, if an object needs to be degreased, a degreasing agent must be used.

It is strictly prohibited to start the ultrasonic button without liquid (water). 1. Application scope: Ultrasonic cleaning machines have the advantages of other physical or chemical cleaning, so they are widely used in the service industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, mechanical industry, and hard alloy industry.

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