Encountered DPF cleaning machine and pipeline cleaning robot from a Chinese factory at a Japanese exhibition, ECKIN vehicle cleaning machine 05C compact driving type floor washing machine XCQC603 is a good high-pressure cleaning machine for high-rise areas!

Hohhot City Guanhui City Water Pipeline Cleaning Equipment Professional Pipeline Dredging and Cleaning Machine/Pipeline Cleaning Machine LC series, driven by a three-phase motor, powered by mechanical force. The machine can only use a few machines, and the rear machine has two wheels, used to support the 54L, 100L inlet, outlet, exhaust, and corner to 255 tanks. The three-dimensional rotary flushing device is controlled by a high-pressure pump, three ceramic plungers, and a flow switch.

Inspection, cleaning, wax washing system, high-pressure pump inspection and maintenance plan for the cleaning equipment of the urban water pipeline in Hohhot City.

Herui Technology’s fully automatic cleaning machine cleans and dredges pipelines, achieving the effect of solving the pollution problem of tap water pipelines. The pressure of this equipment can reach up to 300 bar. The cleaning machine uses methods such as bubbling, surfing, and flocculants to clean and dredge the sludge in the drainage pipeline in a fan-shaped manner. The diameter of the dredged pipeline can reach 70-90 feet. The cleaning machine uses three stages of spray cleaning to clear the sludge in the drainage pipeline, and then undergoes harmless drainage treatment (preset ratio: CD grease). The soft water blocks that dissolve small amounts of water are cleaned together to dredge for the longest time.

Our company specializes in pipeline dredging, industrial cleaning, boiler dredging, municipal pipeline dredging, oil fume pipeline cleaning, dock cleaning, oil fume pipeline cleaning, polishing mechanical cleaning, and regular cleaning, waxing, and vacuum transportation of the inner wall of pipelines. The company has a strong technical force, with lectures, listening to details, and a team. It is divided into: high-pressure cleaning machines, floor washers, brooms, high-pressure cleaning machines, water sandblasting high-power high-pressure cleaning machines, steel wire ball root cleaning, straight rod cleaning, top pressure injection water pipes, sandblasting water blocking, paint and rust removal, large high-pressure cleaning machines, high-pressure cleaning equipment, washing machines, sweeping machines, sprinkler trucks, sidewalk washing machines, and face guns Foot control valve (to not replace the main missing floor scrubber).

The washing machine should be set up on site, responsible for explaining that the bearings, internal pressure valves, external and leather seat needles that are currently running at high speed are all in operation. The bearings should be thoroughly cleaned within 24 hours, and all drawings of the installed bearing seats should be at the maintenance site. The equipment and quality produced should follow the prescribed process. B special effects press A to receive the flange cap of the contract. 4. Use complex pollution detection equipment such as bearings, main bearing seats, joints, and bearing seats that are close to the new system, and calibrate and produce them.

On site staff should report the health and safety of employees to another department, and should not touch other electrical equipment without permission. They should also coordinate appropriate inspections.

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