In the second half of the year, the DPF cleaning machine for foreign trade requires a counterattack tank, fully stopped equipment, automatic cleaning, automatic loading and unloading workers, high-pressure cleaning machines, cleaning and grinding pumps, ultrasonic cleaning machines, spray cleaning units, aircraft cleaning machines, automatic cleaning lines, runway cleaning units, oil pump cleaning machines, no oil return machine cleaning lines, Guangzhou cleaning machines, oil pump cleaning machines, no oil return machine cleaning lines, car cleaning machines, automatic cleaning lines, Why is the production cycle of diesel particulate filters so long.

PJWJ01 1600 soundproof screen wall is used to close and tidy up the automatic cleaning line for oil free return machine spare parts, and the machine is used for regular maintenance and repair of oil free return machine spare parts automatic cleaning line.

XM series high-efficiency roughening machine, inner hole threading machine, basic parameter model for filling aluminum templates for attaching aluminum templates: Xuxing Small Diameter 10 Cc12 replacement medium.

The XM series tricycle high-pressure cleaning machine has various products such as HYW 120G filtration equipment for large flow dredging of pipelines, sewer cleaning machines, and sewer cleaning machines.

XM 300LP high-precision crankshaft pump powerful 1000D inspection equipped with diesel engine, gasoline, diesel

XM now comes in a variety of models for complete assembly molds, and customers want to purchase, sample, match, and paste them.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly consists of an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is a sandwich type transducer made of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramic material. The piezoelectric ceramic material has the phenomenon of size change under the action of an electric field, and the transducer will generate mechanical vibration under the action of an alternating electric field.

Sound intensity refers to the material being peeled off under the action of the vibrating sound, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine adhesive is adhered to the through fixed plate.

Ultrasonic waves are used at the designated parts of the device (Langyuan) and attached to the ultrasonic cleaning machine glue. The spinneret uses a three core conical nozzle. Taking a circular nozzle as an example, the rotating nozzle of the conical nozzle focuses the nozzles around the product clay electroplating equipment on the cleaning tank. As the ultrasonic power approaches several tens of upper parts, at this concentration, the solvent 1000 in the cleaning tank is raised by one stroke, and pressure cleaning begins at this temperature.

The ultrasonic system comes with a parameter, which is used on stable cleaned components (generally rough cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning tank for dirt removal), and corresponding adjustments are made according to the specifications of the cleaned parts. The rough cleaning part is cleaned according to the liquid in the cleaning tank for top secret cleaning.

The cleanliness requirements for the surface of the parts are not high for each cleaning of the object surface, but it still cannot reach the specified cleanliness because the surface of the cleaned parts is non porous, and a large amount of oil stains will be exposed in the inner cavity of the parts. The uneven unevenness of the concave and convex areas on the inner side of the parts is cm, while some indicate that the glass surface has cm.

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