The DPF cleaning machine industry can solve the problem of low exposure and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Diener plasma cleaning can reduce environmental pollution and improve cleanliness for enterprises$ The purpose of a plasma cleaning machine is to ensure that the surface of the material being cleaned has top-level properties towards the material. Therefore, it is very meticulous to follow the power usage of a shut-off cleaning machine in order to achieve a good cleaning solution.

★ Plasma cleaning machine improves adhesion ability. Plasma cleaning machine only contacts a large amount of organic pollutants and surface activated film materials on the surface, improving its surface adhesion ability. Plasma cleaning is a “thorough and risky process”, which is not only simple but also very safe.

During the operation of the equipment, there is no encapsulation, and the entire process is 10 minutes of low-frequency wind resistance, saving the pollution of the drying and wind environment in the later stage, and avoiding the damage of materials or chemical substrates caused by high temperature at the wind blade.

√ Water can be discharged while cleaning, equipped with a circulating filtration system, which can quickly clean the liquid and recycle it.

√ With nozzles: two-dimensional nozzles are adjustable and can be cleaned simultaneously (the number of nozzles ranges from 45 to 85 degrees), and the nozzles are complex;

√ Cleaning process: The upward and downward throwing plasma spray gun effectively separates the spray gun through multiple pressure extractions, and cleans 360 degrees without dead corners, completely solving the problem of traditional spray gun fogging and saving labor costs;

The pipeline system can operate continuously for 24 hours, with no blind spot cleaning during melt spraying, improving the efficiency of the system;

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Enhanced surface treatment activity of vacuum plasma cleaning machine 2018MSMA 06/2.

The industrial low-temperature plasma cleaning machine has a surface treatment power of 220V 80KW.

Kunshan Puris is a supplier specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of various types of plasma modified devices. Its main products include: plasma cleaning, plasma etching, plasma planting welding, etching, planting welding, mixing, rotating, exhaust, plasma emission, etc. Application scope: Suitable for cleaning metals, semiconductors, oxide skins, silicone, electronics, aviation, automotive interiors, chips, optical glass, ceramics, pre and post electroplating treatments, as well as LED and flexible circuit boards< Eod>.

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