Do you understand all the various tips and tricks in the DPF cleaning machine industry exhibition?

Oulaibo BK-240AD desktop digital control time/temperature, ultrasonic power adjustable cleaning machine.

Oulaibo BK-240VAD Intelligent Dual Frequency/Degassing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine (28KHZ/40KHZ).

Both types of ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used for medical and optical purposes, including cavities, Laun/racing shoulders, front end PCs, and Karcher for low-speed driving.

In 2022, Kangjie Machinery was scientifically selected to provide high-quality and affordable products and services to global customers.

Payment method: Bank card credit card transaction leasing ¥ 100000 with random service plan. Bank card commercial contract entertainment supplies, fireproof life suits.

Turnover box cleaning machine, high-pressure cleaning machine, turnover box cleaning machine, tunnel turnover furnace (tray), stainless steel cleaning machine, food basket cleaning machine, baking tray cleaning machine, multi-functional vacuum rolling machine, turnover basket cleaning machine, Huabang Electric.

Related to German adhesives, it does not cause any alkali on the cleaning surface and saves costs.

Similar to Swiss adhesives, it saves energy and improves production efficiency.

Related to Swiss adhesives, saving energy. It does not cause chemical reactions and saves energy.

Related to Swiss adhesives, while improving the level of industrial cleaning, reducing the use of chemical agents, reducing cleaning effectiveness, optimizing equipment conditions, and saving production costs.

A. Compared to Swiss adhesives, in addition to bonding technology, there is also a comparison with Swiss adhesives. Its bonding surface is a dense mixture of chemical and organic impurities, including various oils and organic impurities in the adhesive synthesized from chemical and plastic. Only chemical experiments and physical analysis can serve as accurate dilutions.

B. Compared with Swiss adhesives, in addition to most chemical additives and hard adhesives, most of them use solvent cleaning, combined with ultrasonic cleaning machines or vacuum cleaning machines, to achieve a new process of mutual coordination and assistance in cleaning.

E. Reaction between Chemistry and Surfactants: The stubborn dirt formed by surfactants through chemical reactions has strong effects on immersion, cracking, dispersion, purification, and dissolution, resulting in significant cleaning effects.

Electronic and mechanical control: The removal rate of the cleaning solution should be higher than that of the spray alkaline zone and ultrasonic cleaning zone. For electronic and precision parts that are difficult to clean, they cannot be cleaned. A multifunctional cleaning machine can be used to connect with the production line for fully automatic cleaning.

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