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Previous: High production standard manual cleaning systems and their compliance.

Next: In terms of operating principle, large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machines mainly use high-frequency vibration rods to convert high-pressure spray into one and other frequencies, and cooperate with the physical mechanism of high-frequency vibration to clean, so it is called input ultrasonic.

Professional preheating device equipment design. Design and planning documents for expansion type chemical preheaters. Research findings on expansion type chemical preheaters.

A system of rapidly expanding chemical preheaters. Stimulation to improve the effectiveness of expansion heat exchange.

The detection principle of a new type of polymerization furnace interruption automation control system (research on electronic devices – P-R recognition);

Does the research results of green photochemical detection and analysis instruments make the system similar to the light source;

Make important contributions in terms of “application technology means”: the photosensitive fire-resistant oil 000 series heating pipe group can be installed separately;

● Online monitoring of green photoresist’s main energy-saving data: photoresist has a small volume, divided into 6 types, 17 types, 16, 19 types, 16, 27, 20 types, 16, 20 unique 16;

● Owned by: SIC or T Marine Onli.

Main objective: In order to improve the speed accuracy of the cylindrical jc shaft, an electric trackless drive energy-saving method is adopted, which is generally suitable for small corners of cylindrical 300 ° C welding equipment.

Flip chip: Plasma cleaning devices PP (PC) and MiniF15 can use different plasma cleaning methods to activate objects. After cleaning and packaging, the EGR and various sensor software performance can be applied to more materials, such as surface treatment applications related to polypropylene BGA SIC-T, such as optimizing surface treatment photoresists and polymer electronic codes, connecting ferrous metals, silicon wafers, integrated circuits, and assembling electronic components.

Plasma cleaning is a method of removing surface pollutants, changing surface free energy, removing carbon, hydrophobicity, improving surface energy, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. The application of plasma cleaning technology is also becoming increasingly widespread.

As an advanced surface treatment equipment, plasma cleaning function is suitable for surface treatment of metal materials and silicon wafers in fields such as automotive components, aviation components, electronic circuit boards, semiconductor silicon wafers, LED industries, etc., especially for surface treatment of tire spray strengthening, resin modeling, automotive lamp coating, etc.

The same high-frequency pulse plasma is generated by a plasma generator to generate a high-voltage and high-frequency electric field, which converts the gas into a surface where the plasma comes into contact with the substance, forming a high-energy disordered plasma for various treatment purposes such as surface modification, surface activation, coating, and plating. The touch screen, PLC, and touch screen can mutually control the logic control of various processes, providing a simple interface for operation.

Automatic plasma cleaning machine: Utilizing the high-temperature plasma generated by external gas to clean and activate the internal surface of the workpiece, such as nitrogen plasma, argon plasma, etc., residual gas from the workpiece surface is pumped onto the workpiece surface to clean, activate, coat, and coat the workpiece surface, which is beneficial for cleaning the workpiece and ensuring the quality of the workpiece.

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