If you want to do a good job in the foreign trade industry of DPF cleaning machines, you must grasp these points well.

After the construction of new rural areas, due to the need for renovation of new land plots, the renovation of old style land tiles is a new project

How should you solve the problem of DPF blockage? More and more people are paying attention to DPF blockage, so how to deal with DPF blockage materials and how should we solve them?

So, what is DPF blockage? Due to DPF blockage being the main cause of particulate carbon, almost all DPF blockages can be referred to as DPF blockage.

In these cases, almost all methods are simple in lotion or DPFs, which can be said to be car deception. In fact, DPF blockage starts with DPF blockage, which has a lot to do with DPF blockage. To understand the reasons for DPF blockage, let’s remove these situations.

Firstly, blocking will affect production. If corrosion prevention and blockage are implemented, the particles on the cleaning solution will be lower, resulting in an increase in production costs. So the vacuum degree on a certain rotor must be connected to the rotor to form a vacuum film.

In order to deal with the problem of blockage, how much cost should be discharged? If only a compressed air is replaced, the carbon accumulation in the DPF should be blown away. The manual screening staff of the DPF should not operate properly, which can be very dangerous once blockage occurs.

Cleaning once is not a one-time solution to effectively solve the blockage problem. Some chemical cleaning agents use acid cleaning method, which is easy to rinse when exposed to open fire. Using hot water for cleaning can easily cause damage to parts. In addition, cleaning once generates secondary pollution, and in severe cases, blockage can also occur. Once cleaned, it is eliminated.

The use of novel cleaning agents for cleaning and filtration can effectively filter and increase the proportion of new molecules, improve cleaning efficiency, avoid residual cleaning agents, achieve more stable conversion of cleaning ability, and effectively save cleaning fluid usage.

Add clean water and control the temperature.

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