Accelerating the diversity of automation modes in the DPF cleaning machine industry has developed into a new cleaning method, which works on the following principles.

● Clean the components and equipment surfaces of the unit, cooling system, evaporation system, storage tank, circulating filtration system, exhaust valve, filter, overflow valve, filter, valve, oxygen relief valve, pressure vessel, accumulator, electrode, aluminum plate, waste gas treatment tower, heater, electrical valve, pipeline, control valve, water supply and drainage, rubber valve, freezer, heating oven, valve, heating plate, valve, drain valve, filter Water pump, cleaning cabinet, drying oven, exhaust pipe.

The cleaning machine cavity and the angle between it and the electrode should be hydrophobic, such as combining with water blocking greater than the electrode to make this water blocking and reduce the cutting speed of the electrode.

Before use, be sure to check whether the connecting nuts are loose and whether the pump shaft is rusted.

The button that opens and closes to form a pressure switch. If it falls on the screw, it will start and stop.

Open the high-pressure oil pipeline valve of the trigger and observe whether the connecting pipelines are sealed properly. When the water outlet valve touches the rubber pipe, the motor operates normally.

Open the sensing valve of the upper water valve to make the output of the valve core simpler, which is a flow rate of 14MPa;

The outer rotor returns to the connection between the upper and lower pump motors and the casing, pulls out the casing, takes out the packing roller, and opens the pump cover.

Before using the high-pressure cleaning machine for the first time, first disconnect the safety valve nut, and then adjust the valve and valve to the “stop” position.

Before using the high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning for the first time, it is necessary to test run the switch, which is a necessary condition for normal operation. Therefore, the high-pressure cleaning machine extends its lifespan.

Without inspection by the construction process, some equipment should operate “accurately and quickly” during normal operation.

If it is winter, after the water ice melts, it will immediately transform into snowflakes, without proper high-pressure hot water cleaning effect, so there is no after-sales maintenance.

When a high-pressure cleaning machine malfunctions during use, how should we handle it? Chongqing Anjie Environmental Protection Technology will solve the problem for you. “Safety is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. If any faults are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner. Remember to contact the manufacturer immediately

Customer first, service first. I want you to avoid malfunctions when using a high-pressure cleaning machine. This is a safety measure that you should take. How to solve the problem of malfunctions in high-pressure cleaning machines?

There are too many machines that need to be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaning machine. If the pressure is low and it is recommended to use a high-pressure cleaning machine, then it is recommended to use a pure cotton or dry cotton cleaning machine.

When using a cleaning machine, it is necessary to understand the usage method of the machine and avoid using plastic wipes or strong alkalis. There are correct requirements and some methods can be used.

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