The foreign trade quotation for DPF cleaning machine is the right thing to do. It is our main use, and we should pay attention to communicating with customers as the price. We will escort you with tomorrow’s goal~999% advantage~ ▪ Fully automatic wet cleaning ◆ capable of long-lasting carrier without particles or residues on blocks being discharged. DPF cleaning equipment appearance and value 31627994 views: 2017/96317190.

Fully automatic wet cleaning ◆ capable of long-lasting carrier without particles or residues on blocks being discharged from DPF cleaning equipment+480005 cost price 550/poor selection.

The manual ultrasonic cleaning machine 750/80D can be used according to different application requirements and customer characteristics (such as solder cleaning, coating cleaning, copper rust cleaning, scraper cleaning, and plasma cleaning).

Through type ultrasonic cleaning machine 750/80D automatic memory touch screen factory Dongguan ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer, Changsha ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer, Hengtian Electric Powder Metallurgy, Shenzhen.

The power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as the ultrasonic power supply, is used to convert our mains power (220V or 380V, 50 or 60Hz) into high-frequency AC signals matched with the transducer. How to use the power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? The manufacturer of Jingzhuan Cheng ultrasonic cleaning machine will explain it in detail below! In the form of amplification circuits, linear amplification circuits and switching power supply circuits can be used for high-power ultrasound

When discussing the preparation of ultrasonic cleaning agents, the first thing to consider is the cleaning principle and process of cleaning agents for dirt. Although washing has a long history, due to the highly complex washing process and system, the theoretical community still only has theoretical research on it and it is difficult to achieve data control of the washing process. This is because the solution system is a multiphase dispersion system. The dispersion medium is a complex solution containing various components

The power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and electric heater must have a good grounding device. (2) It is strictly prohibited to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine without cleaning solution, that is, the cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic switch cannot be turned on. (3) It is strictly prohibited to turn on the heating switch when there is no liquid in the cleaning equipment with heating equipment. (4) It is prohibited to hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder with heavy objects (iron parts) to avoid damage to the energy converter chip. (5) < Eod>.

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